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Frank Turgeon bought a threshing machine in partnership, this fill­ ing a long felt need. They wereable to do their own threshing now,

as well as go a considerable distance doing custom work. . ..

Mail came to the Thos. Dougal place, known as W apaha post office, however, this was later changed to Abigail post office,kept by Harry Duncan. This was considerably closer than the Wapaha post office. The mail was brought out from Boissevain once a week

by horse and buggy. .

Mr. Couture passed away on Jan. 29th, 1937, his wife having predeceased him two years before, passing April 5th, 1935.


.Henry Jas. Wood, born in Bayfield, Ont., Jan. 7, 1860, came West with his brother Will in 1881, being among the first settlers. Leaving Emerson by ox team, they travelled to Brandon, then to the Deloraine district, finally filing on a homestead by Cadzow' siding. Shortly after this their parents, Mr. and Mrs, F. R Wood together with brothers Chas., Chris, Archie and sister Margaret came West also.

Like the other settlers in those days, they hauled their grain to Brandon, bringing back supplies for themselves and neighbors. They had to ford the Souris River ,many times getting stuck, which some­ times meant carrying the load of bagged wheat out a bag at a time:

Stops were made at what was known as the half-way house, going and coming. Usually a three day trip, the second day being spent from the half-way house to Brandon and return.

In 1885 Mr. Wood married Eliza Birbeck of Thorold, Ont., who came West to Brandon in 1883, then travelled by covered wagon to join her parents in the Wassewa district. Some years later Mr. and Mrs. Wood and family moved to the edge of Turtle Mountain.

Recreation consisted largely of evening visits with the neigh­ bors, playing cards, checkers or dancing. Many a trip was made to homes miles away by ox-team or horses to a dance.

Henry used to tell some very interesting experience of the early days. One of these concerned one evening while walking home from seeing his girl friend, who lived seven miles away; he was followed by a lynx, his only weapon being a pocket knife. He was able to scare it away that night, and shortly afterwards he and his brother Chris. shot it. Chris. had the skin of this lynx for a number of years. . Along with his farming duties, Mr. Wood was for a number of years trustee and sec.-treas. of Lake Max School. He also for a number of years had the Wassewa post office, bringing the mail out

from Boissevain. .

Mr. and Mrs. Wood moved to Regina in 1928, where they both passed away later, Mr. Wood on April 27th, 1936, and Mrs. Wood

on January 16th, 1951. .