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Since we are attempting to record the birth and development of Boissevain, it would seem necessary to list some dates and facts. Briefly we offer the following:

1881-1883-Cherry Creek, RM. of Turtle Mountain. 1183-1886-Cherry Creek, RM. of Deloraine. 1886-Name Cherry Creek changed to Boissevain.

1887-Peter Robertson, Tom Buck and Jim Wilson contract to

grade Main St. for $800.00.

1891-Morton Municipality established.

1891-1898-Boissevain was Ward 4 of Morton Municipality. 1898-Messrs. Plummer, Baine and Price waited on RM. of

Morton re incorporation of village of Boissevain.

1899-First Village meeting. Mayor, J. S. Reekie; Councillors Schaffner, Hurt, Baine and Graves; Sec. Treas. R Morrison; Ed. Allen appointed enforcer of by-laws; R A. Musgrove, Chief of Fire Brigade. Two dollars to be paid first teamster hitching to fire engine when alarm given. Forty elm trees ordered for street planting.

1900-First mention of street light expenditure (gasoline). 1901-Tenders called for first sidewalks.

1902-Ed. Allen resigns. J. B. Young appointed. Mayor empowered to buy suit of clothes for Young, not to exceed $20.00, also handcuffs, nippers and cap.

1903-Permission granted W. J. King to erect light poles for purpose of electric lighting system. First gravelling contract let to W. J. Tait at 45c per yard.

1904-R Morrison resigns as Sec. Treas. G. C. Smith appointed.

By-law passed to have local Company take over electric lighting and telephone system. Motion passed to charge provincial govern­ ment 50c daily for all provincial prisoners locked up in the local jail.

1905-Tenders called for cement sidewalks. Turtle Mountain Milling Co. take over electric light plant and supply street lights at 70c per month for each 16 C.P. light.

1906-Boissevain incorporated as a town. Engineer appointed to appraise cost of water and sewage. Report filed for future con­ sideration.

1907-First grant made to Agricultural Society ($75.00). 1908-By-law passed to establish a debt of $15,000.00 to establish electric lighting system for the town. H. S. Price erects first gasoline tank.

1910-Debentures By-Law passed for $12,000.000 to build town hall, $5,000.00 for cement sidewalks.

1911-Autos assessed for first time and put on tax roll. Touring cars $7.00, Runabouts $5.00.

1912-Request sent to provincial government to have engineer report on feasibility of water supply from dam at Musgrove's ravine.

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