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C. Sifton- L 5011
H. J. McDonald-C __ 4342

With the redistribution of the constituencies in 1903, the Souris constituency was formed and remained unchanged until 1952. Dr. F. L. Schaffner was nominated by the Progressive Conservatices and fought three elections in which he was elected. His opponents were George Patterson in 1904, A. Campbell in 1908 and again in 1911. In 1917, Dr. Schaffner was appointed to the Senate and in that year, Dr. A. E. Finlay of Elgin was elected by acclamation as a supporter of the Union Government after being nominated at a joint convention of Liberals and Conservatives.

When the next election came around the Farmers Party­ the Progressives-had attained great numerical strength and in 1921, 1925 and 1926, their candidate, Mr. J. Steedsman, was elected, defeating R. G. Willis, Wm. Willson and E. F. Willis respectively in these years. In 1930 Mr. E. F. Willis defeated J. Steedsman by a majority of 472. The election of 1935 saw four candidates in the field and the result was as follows:

G. W. McDonald-L .4504
E. F. Willis-C __ .4501
Parkes-CCF 953
Glendening-R 631

Col. J. A. Ross, the Conservative candidate, was elected in the next three elections in which the polls were as follows:

1940 J. A. Ross-(NG) .4991
G. W. McDonald-L .4861
Parkes-CC F 1370
1945 J. A. Ross-C 6286
McIl wrai th-L __ 2636
Craven-CCF __ _ 1838
1949 J. A. Ross-C _ 6108
E. 1. Dow-L 5495
Watson-CCF 1083

After the redistribution following the census of 1951, the Souris Constituency was merged in Brandon and at the election in 1953, Walter G. Dinsdale, the Conservative candidate, was elected by a large majority.

Turtle Mountain Boundry Survey early 1900's. - Photo courtesy T. R. Robertson