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among them being such local men as Jim Nelin, Bill Handley, Allan Armitage, John Harrison, Harry Hammond, William Boyd. The latter was an exception, having been on active service.

In 1919 at the conclusion of the first World War the veterans of the district banded together in a branch of the Great War Veterans association.

The National Association of the Canadian Legion B.E.S.L. was formed in 1925, amalgamating most of the veterans' organizations then in existence, the local charter being granted in December, 1926.

Charter members were Comrades A. J. Robbins, F. J. Crow­ hurst, H. J. Philipps, C. Jackson, Rev. O. L. Jull, R. G. Cowie, and C. N. Mains. "Bob" Cowie is the only charter member remaining and was presented with a Life Membership last year

The present membership roll consists of 115 paid up members. They remember their fallen comrades with three parades a year and conduct a sale of poppies on Nov. 11.

A number of local, Provincial and Dominion appeals are recog­ nized each year and the branch sponsors a hockey and baseball team. They also hold a Veterans Picnic and Bonspiel yearly and are presently constructing a new Community Hall which will be a distinct asset to the Community.

Their greatest activity is in the field of veterans' welfare.

Our veterans have taken their place in the community and serve on the Town Council, Hospital and School Boards and are active in all other local organizations.

"They serve in Peace as in War."

In order to assist and nromote the work of the local branch of the Canadian Legion a group of Ladies applied for and received a charter on 8th Nov., 1927 to form a Ladies Auxiliary.

Charter members were Mesdames Margaret Bowes, Grace S.

Philipps, Jane L. Holditch, Mary Kelly, Gladys Robbins, Ann Cowie, Augusta Crowhurst, Ada M. Grant, Ellen M. Jull, Jane Le Dain, and Ada Bowes.


John Alvis, Geo. Anderson, W. H. Anderson, Geo. Appes, W. R.

Armitage, B. Ashley, W. F. Ashley, F. A vison, M. Armstrong, Thos. Alexander, A. Alard.

C. Burton, E. Bruthers, R. C. Booth, A. Baker, J. Baker, W.

Barker, J. Barlow, C. Barrett, W. Barton, Walter Barton, H. Bedford, A. J. Best, E. Bennett, H. Binnions, H. A. Birch, F. Bird, W. Bissett, 8. Blaydon, A. Blanchard, G. Bolton, D. Bonard, C. Bowes, F. Bowes, J. L. Bowes, A. Boyd, H. Bridger, W. Broad, J. E. Brown, Bobby Burns, Lou. Burns, A. F. Bush, J. H. Baskerville, E. Braund B. Braund, E. J. Brechon, R. Bigham.

W. Cann, G. Capel, G. Carlson, Wm. Cartwright, Ben; Chambers, -90-