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Tupper St. Overpass.

Lester B. Pearson, leader of the Liberal party, visited Portage la Prairie and presented a trophy to juvenile hockey; and Bob Veith, veteran Indianapolis racing motorist, visited the Collegiate here, showed a film of a 500 mile race and gave a talk on "safety".

December, of 1963, was the beginning of several years of worry for the City Council; and? ::::'6Don, which had been put northeast of the city in 1959, was the cause of it all. The monster must have sprung a leak, or something, as suits for damages were laid one after another. The B.C. Pea Growers were claimants for the largest amount. The Daily Graphic, Mar. 1st, 1966, said that claims at that time amounted to $118,762.31. We don't know why this figure wasn't presented in round numbers, and what the 31c was for. (Maybe a pet sparrow got sick after pecking peasl)

In May of 1966, the City agreed to pay the B.C. Pea Growers $100,000.00.

Then, the City and Province got together for a two-day ses­ sion, and reached an agreement whereby the Province would buy the land, and the Council repair the lagoon.

On July 18, 1967, The Daily Graphic said that the City then had the power to sell the B.G Pea Growers' land if it wished.