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The Methodists occupy a fine House of Worship on Campbell St. and the congregation is in a flourishing condition under the able charge of W. L. Armstrong as pastor.

The Baptist church is located a few yards south of the post office, and it is regarded as one of the leading congregations of that denomination in the West. The bright young pastor, Rev. Neil Herman, has done a great deal towards adding to the membership

of this church. .

The Episcopalians, with Rev. S. MacMorine as rector, have a large following in the town and district. They occupy a beautiful stone church on Anne Street.

The latest of the fine church buildings to be erected in the town was that of the Disciples of Christ, who in February completed a costly building, thoroughly equipped in a modern manner. Under Rev. [. A. L. Romig this church continues to make marked advances.

The Salvation Army has spacious quarters on Tupper St., and have at all times continued to put forth great efforts in behalf of the cause they hold so dear.

Rev. Father Viens, who is deservedly popular, not only among his own flock but with the general public, has charge of St. Cuthbert's Roman Catholic church." End of Quote.

On May 5th, 1881, Alfred

Pickering, Robert Merrell, Festus Chapin, Wm. Cooper and Rev. A. C. Turner met at the home of Festus Chapin for the purpose of organizing a Regular Baptist Church. Rev. A. C. Turner was invited to be the first pastor of the frame building, 24' by 36' which was subsequently erected at a cost of $750.00. An organ added $150.00 to the above cost.

Later Baptist services were held in the building at 63 Royal Road South, which is now the home of Mrs. Laura Middlemass,

By July, 1884, membership had grown to 94 and in 1895 plans were drawn up for the edifice tha t was named First Baptist Church. The completed building

The Baptist Church - 1881 cost was $13,706.00.