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month of July Mr. Ogletree returned to Ontario to bring out his family, consisting of wife and five girls and two boys. Of the family, there were Sister Janet Ogletree (wife of Mr. Ogletree) a disciple, and eldest daughter Annabella also a disciple. Up to that date there being only six members of the Church of Christ in all this vast territory.

In the fall of 1871, Thomas Sissons and family also came to Manitoba, then a Province. There were in this company, Elder A. McLarty, his daughter Marg (afterwards Mrs. F. Ogletree) with Br. T. Sissons, who being H deacon in the Ridge Town congregation of disciples, Sister Ellen Sissons (wife of T. Sissons ) , William and Alexandria Ellen, both daughters of Tom Sissons, making six more disciples when a congregation was formed. After a year or so Elder McLarty returned to Ontario when we ceased to meet for a time and on commencing to meet we broke the loaf.

About the year 1878, Br. Isaac and William Henry Mel.arty, both disciples came out and joined us, this addition making all that came to this Province. Fourteen, of which one member had died. Then Sister Annabelle Ogletree and Br. John McLarty came out the next Spring and for awhile met with us, afterwards withdrew from us."

At the bottom of the above submitted material was written, Quote - "This is the only authentic record of all disciples known in this region who long for a return to the ancient order of things regarding the church", and it is signed Alex M. Smith.

It is reasonable to assume, that wi th such few members, services would be held in homes in those days. At the present time adherents of this faith attend services in an attractive church on Second St. S.W.

The history of the Lutheran Church in Manitoba goes back to a time before Manitoba became a Province. History records that the first Lutheran Pastor to minister and conduct a service in Manitoba, and in all of Canada) was the Rev. Rasmus Jensen who accompanied the Jens Munck expedition to Churchill in 1619-20.

When Icelandic Lutheran settlers arrived in Gimli in 1875, German Lutherans had preceded them to the Poplar Point area by three years. It is that same church body which came to this Lutheran settlement in the 18705 that has continued its services to the present in the now established Redeemer Lutheran Church of Portage la Prairie. Its historical relevance to our city, therefore, cannot be denied, as it is the first Lu theran mission station in