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The hope of a training school has not yet materialized, but those who graduated from the Portage la Prairie General Hospital will always have a feeling of pride and appreciation, not only for their professional learning but also for the friendships made and kept." (End of 'Quote')

The first executive of the P.G.H. Alumnae (1956) were: Miss L. Seale and Mrs. J. Thomas, Honorary Presidents; Mrs. Madge Lyon,

, President; Mrs. Francis Young, Vice-President; Mrs. Noreen McPhe­ dran, Secretary; Mrs. Audrey Wilkinson, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Jean Swanson, Treasurer; Mrs. Margaret White, Miss Margaret Stephens and Mrs. Jean Young, By-laws Committee; Mrs. Shirley McCullough and Mrs. Allison Garland, Entertainment Committee; Mrs. Laura Adams and Mrs. Gladys Paterson, Refreshment Commit­ tee; and Mrs. Winnifred Reynolds and Miss Margaret Stewart, Sick and Visiting Committee.


The Registered Nurses Association was formed in 1938 with Mrs.

Richard Munger, nee Elizabeth Thomson, as president. The aims of the organization were to promote fellowship, education and the training of nurses. In 1941, because of the extra tasks imposed on everyone, it was forced to disband.

In 1951, with the atomic bomb in existence and a knowledge of the suffering and devastation that it could impose on the population in the event of another war, a civil defence meeting was called. Mrs. Frank McPhedran, Mrs. Gardner Young and Mrs. Harold Wilkin­ son were asked to form an organization which would be responsible for contacting every available nurse in an emergency. Thus, the Reg­ istered Nurses Asscn. was revived. Mrs. A. H. Bryson was elected president.

Nurses who have trained in hospitals all over the world have enriched the organization. With a membership of forty, about eighty nurses attend the annual meeting.

Many have never heard of the registered Nurses Association in Portage and many who have heard of them ask, "What do they do?" The reason for this is that they are not a money-making organization.