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Rest from the riotous rush of work and strife; Security, the nice, contented, cozy feel

Of a tax-free home, with comforts that are real. Just a dream you say; it can't come true,

A vision with too much the rosy hue!

Rotary now proves, beneath the sky's big dome, There's such a spot folks love and call their home.

Anne M. Collier

Presently Rotary Housing consists of three large buildings located on 9th Street S.E. The total number of suites in the three buildings is 34; consisting of 16 doubles and 18 singles. The first unit was finished in June 1962; the second in May, 1964; and the third in Scpt., 1965.

The total cost of the buildings was over $210,000.00 Each huilding has a C.IVI. I-I. C. mortgage which is being paid by the operation of the complex. The three buildings were each given an outright grant by the Provincial Government. The remaining amount of money was raised hy the Portage Rotary Clu b through various fund mising steps, such as the annual "Rotary Minstrel Show", etc.

I t is now in the early planning stages to progress further with additional units of suites to offer even more opportunity to the senior citizens of this area in Manitoba, to share in the comfortable and communal idea of senior citizen living.

Even at the time or the completion of the first unit of suites, the Portage Rotary Cluh were deserving of being historically recorded for their foresight, initiative, and Christian-like endeavor to promote the happiness or others.

Have you ever stopped to think what life would be like without music, and song, and pictures, and poetry? It is our pleasure to praise a few Portagers who have contributed to a joy of living by sharing their talen ts.