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The band made strolling in the evening a pleasure for most Portngers as they played selections at the old band-stand. The ra - ta - tu - ta t of the drums gladdened hearts, smartened the step, and might even have contributed to the longevity of a few!

For some time there has been no band in Portage. However, at the present time t\VO capa ble instructors, CpI. Frank Chouinard and Mr. Bill Cromarty, are in the midst of remedying the situation.

Maybe, once again, due to the efforts of these men, Portage will be known, among other things, as ¬ęThe Home of THE BAND".

The picture of the band, shown here, was taken on the steps of the Court House. To make the picture of more interest to you we will name as many of the b an d rnernb er s as possible.

Back row, left to right: (Committee) - Fred L. Newman, R. S. Thomson,

Mrs. Ch as. Gr ab an , and TllOS. Stockdale.

2nd I'OW: Geo. Snider, Joe Mills, -7-, Lorne Munn, and Dick Johnston. 3rd row: no names.

4-::h row: - McKenzie, Norm Sharp, -?-, Jack Stewart, Charles Robinson, Frank Pierce and James Gosman.

Front row: The two Parks boys, Bandmaster Joe Parks, Wm. White and Joe Bro w n r i d qe ,

The Pratt Block was situated between the east section of the town, which comprised Main St. and the principal business area, and the western section where the Hudson's Bay store and a number of other business places were located. Now, however, the same loca tion is the heart of the ci ty. 'The building was originally erected