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July, 1956. They were having a good time amidst all the gaiety when Terry decided he wanted to see what was going on in the world! Mrs. Lee was taken to the Portage General Hospital, and it wasn't very long before Dr. G. H. Hamlin was announcing the safe arrival of a healthy baby boy. The proud parents named him 'Terry'. Neither doctor or parents realized, at that time, that they were getting the first glimpse of a boy who was destined to become a world celebrity! Terry's grandmothers, Mrs. Bert Bend and Mrs. J. A. Lee, like all grandmothers, probably had visions of things great and wonderful in his future, and they have both lived to see their dreams come true.

Terry came by his love of music and dancing naturally. Mrs.

J. A. Lee says his great-grandfather was a champion piper and dancer; and a grandmother, on his mother's side was a dancer.

The Wallace Lee family moved to Surrey, B.C., where Terry proceeded to make grea t progress in dancing and music.

His big day came when he stood before 30,000 cheering Scottish people and shook hands with Her Royal Highness, Queen Eliza beth, at Scotland's Highland Games after successfully dancing to his world highland dancing title, and winning the coveted Braemar Shield for the second consecutive year. He is the only person outside of the Brit­ ish Isles to win the Shield.

The Queen presenting the trophy to Terry Lee.