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where. (It might be of interest to many to know that he also played pro-hockey and lacrosse, and that he conducted symphony orchestras throughout Canada, Europe and the U.S.A.)

Portage organized a Duplicate Bridge Club in 1959, affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League, of New York, which controls all Duplicate Bridge Clubs in North America. The local Club has had great success and some of its members have dis­ tinguished themselves throughout the Province as well as in Saskatch­ ewan, North Dakota and Minnesota. Its annual tournament, for the Sparling trophy, brings into competition the best bridge players in the Province, as well as players from outside.


A game that was popular in Portage Ia Prairie for the first quarter of the 20th Century was lacrosse. Teams from this city competed in \Vinnipeg and other centres. There are no teams here a t the presen t time and there does not seem to be much interest in reviving the game.

Lacrosse Champions of Manitoba in 1891.

Front row, left to right: Robt. Baker, John Shepherd and W. Hunter.

2nd row: Wes Bride, Archie Ogletree, J. Gr ass le, W. Young and O. W.

Humber. .

Back row: Sel McDonald, Bert St. John, Geo. W. Beynon, W. A. CriSP, F.

St. John and Robt. Gillis.


The first large bowling alleys were established in Portage la Prairie after the first World War. They were located on the second floor of the Brown's Limited Building on the north-west corner of