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To give a verbal picture of the fun-filled days is difficult. Picture, if you can, a merry-go-round, ferris wheel, chair-a-plane and ponies all laden with excited, laughing, squealing, happy youngsters; booths and refreshment stands outdoors along the avenue; art displays; a fashion show; a 'Pig and Whistle'; bingo games; a penny arcade; a pie-throwing contest; our Indian Glee Club playing their records; and later, in the evening, the street filled with visitors mingling with Portagers enjoying an old-fashioned jitney dance.

Crazy Days was organized by the retail section of the Portage la Prairie Chamber of Commerce to stimulate interest in the community and emphasize our city's potential as a great shopping centre. Mr. Laverne Hebner was one of the driving forces behind the scheme.

Plans are being made to hold similar scintillating activities on May 30th and 31st of 1969; and you can be pretty sure of your money if you bet that Crazy Days will be even bigger, better and more colorful in Manitoba's Centennial Year of 1970!

The Portage Fair, which takes place around the middle of July and lasts for three days, is a popular annual event which is enjoyed by crowds of people from far and near. It is mentioned in another section of this book.


Next to Christmas, with Santa Claus Parade, and all the joy, love and excitement that goes with it, we rate the Winter Fun Festival as a highlight in winter events. The title is descriptive, as it truly is a fun festival.

Crescent Lake and Island Park take on a festive air for three wonderful days of sports on snow and ice. Carnival booths, food booths, novelty fishing derby, broom ball, jam pail curling, smoosh races, tug-of-war, snow shoe races, skating races, Indian pow-wows, power toboggan races, puppet shows, snow dances, snow-ball throw­ ing contests, Indian tea making, 'fly-in' by private planes, and 'fly­ past' by C.F.B. Portage are a part of it.

For several weeks before the date set for the Winter Fun Festival, many males, who are old enough to grow beards, have made it obvious that they are entrants in the beard growing contest. (One fellow said he put his razor in a dark deep closet on a high top shelf so he wouldn't be tempted to shave at the first feel of itchy stubble!)

Preparing pets to please judges in the mutt show is something a lot of children enjoy. They also enjoy dressing in costumes and being judged themselves.