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physician was receiving $75.00 and teachers $35.00. In 1914, a new barn was built and a brass band reported.

Mr. F. W. McKinnon was apparently Superintendent from 1916 - 1923. In 1921, a bugle band reported, and Wilfred Donaldson was on staff as a guard, supervisor and a cadet officer.

Mr. H. D. Commings was Superintendent from 1923 - 1924, then Mr. Edgar Wood was acting Superintendent from 1925 - 1926.

Reverend Harry Atkinson, 1926 - 1948, came from 10 years work­ ing with young people in the north end of Winnipeg. At, that time there seems to have been some 110 boys and about 40 of them mentally retarded. The latter group were soon transferred to the Home for mental defectives in Portage.

After tours and studies, the Institution tried to keep up with the times and as a result three new buildings were built about 1931 - the presen t Administru tion Building and "E" and "C" Cot­ tages. It was at this time that the name "Manitoba Home for Boys" was adopted.

With the outbreak of the second World War in 1939, the In­ stitution was given two weeks to vacate the present property at Portage for the Army, and they had to move to an old relief bush camp at Rennie.

In 1941, they picked up tar-paper shacks, all but a kitchen (described as "filthy") and moved to Carman, where the boys helped to construct temporary buildings and landscaped the grounds. Many of the permanent staff enlisted and the Institution went through difficult times. Names of some of the staff who carried on at that time were Mr. George James, Gardener, Mr. Cox, Farmer, Mr. Clonic, Powerhouse, Mr. Stan Steiman, School Principal, and Mr. Fred Creasey, Bursar. Mr. Charlie King and Mr. Lou Ellett, pre­ sently on staff, commenced their services then. Mr. Wilf Donaldson resigned to serve with the army.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lynch were long-term house-parents.

After the Army cleaned up at Portage, the Institution was moved 1)a2k here, in the final moments of Mr. Atkinson's tenure as Super­ intendent. Records show that Mr. H. Atkinson's 22 years' program at the Manitoba Home for Boys appears to have been in the fore­ front of Canadian Juvenile Corrections, for that era.

During the latter part of the Army's tenure at Portage, the brr;c multi-p: . rrpose building was destroyed by fire. Mr. B. D. Jones,