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Publication of The Review continued during the first two de­ cades of the present century, and many a newspaperman and printer got his first taste of the trade in its offices, latterly on what is now Royal Road South, where Rey's drycleaning establishment is today. The picture shown here, of The Daily Graphic office, was taken in 1902 a t the same loca tion.

The Daily Graphic has provided continuous publications for Portagers since July 2, 1895. Through the years it has recorded the day-by-day happenings in Portage when it was a town, and since it has been a city.

Mr. W. H. Vopni says, "The Weekly Manitoba Liberal began publishing in 1905, a part of the Graphic-Liberal Printing Co., owned by C. D. McPherson. The Daily Graphic served the town, the Liberal served the surrounding rural communities.

In 1922, The Daily Graphic and The Weekly Manitoba Liberal changed hands again, and the late Norman S. Smith took over the management from Mr. McPherson. Mr. Smith and his wife, the late Maude Hawley Smith, continued the two-newspaper operation until the death of the former in 1946.

The present firm of Vopni Press Ltd., with Wilfred H. Vopni as publisher, assumed the newspapers and commercial printing plants on June 1, 1946 and continues the daily and weekly newspaper pu blications to the present time.

We are very proud of our paper "The Daily Graphic". It has a sort of 'human touch' that can't be completely captured for print in larger cities. By that, we mean news of the little fellows, who may never win any medals, but are important to us in the human race, of which Portage la Prairie and surrounding districts are a part. Vopni Press, publishers of the Daily Graphic, is now located on Saskatchewan Ave. East.

'The Portage la Prairie Enterprise' had its beginning in 1946, when Mr. Carl F. [anaway, who served our country, in the R.C.A.F., during the second World War, started a commercial printing plant, upstairs in the Bailey Block on Saskatchewan Ave.

After four successful years, Mr. J anaway built a modern build­ ing on Tupper St. North, where he added to his services to the public, a weekly newspaper, which was called "The Portage la Prairie Enterprise", This paper had the honor of winning the Manitoba Weekly Newspaper Award on one or two occasions during the time it was in circulation. It was discontinued in 1960.