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to observe that this has not been the case. While both commodities (radio and television) serve worthwhile purposes they can never take the place of the written word. The sound and sight of both are gone with the flick of a switch, but the written word lives on to refresh the memory and serve as a source of both pleasure and guidance.

It was in 1917 that the Local Council of Women made it known that a library was opening in the Millar Block on Saskatchewan Ave. E. Mrs. T. B. Millar was the president of the organization at that time, and her daughter, Margaret Millar, volunteered her services as the first Librarian. Books were obtained from McGill Travelling Library.

The optimism that prompted the ladies to undertake this ven­ ture was often tested in the years which followed. The number of locatio-is listed is indicative of the work, worry and inconvenience they experienced. After vacating the Millar Block there was the Rural M'vnicipal Bldg.; then the Richardson residence; then the old City Hall; then the present City Hall; and lastly, the present location in the former Bank of Man treal building.

When Mrs. J. R. Hamilton became president the travelling li­ brary system was changed, and the purchasing of books through a book co-opera tive replace it.

From 1917 on down through the years, the LO.D.E. have been staunch supporters of the library and it could be said that they were instrumental in keeping a faith in its ultimate outcome alive. Mrs. J. M. Campbell, a native Portager who is admired by all who know her, was recently honored with a life membership in apprecia­ tion of her work and interest through such a lengthy period of time.

The local Council of Women relinquished their sponsorship in 1969, in favor of a Municipal Library. Mrs. W. \iV. Devine, who had been Chairman of the Library Committee for two years was appointed Library Chairman of the Board.

Mrs. Frank Wilson, who had been associated with the library for a little over a year, took the office of acting librarian.

Mrs. Alice Padgett deserves mention here as having actively participated in the operation of the library for some time prior to the change-over.

PORTAGE LIONS MEMORIAL POOL (See map for location) On a hot day in August, 1942, when Madge) 13 years of age, and Ernie, 12 years of age, told their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.