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to free her. Flying as fast as he could to the Polden home he at­ tracted their attention by batting his body against the screen door of the kitchen. Mr. Polden went out and followed him to where poor Emily was painfully quacking over her broken leg, which had to be amputated. The stump was treated and bandaged and she was set ou t on her nest. Mac never left her to shift for herself, but gathered food and carried it to her. Mrs. Polden has a wealth of similar lovely observances she has made on the Island.

The picture of Mr. Poiden and ducks, shown here, is of in­ terest because of their obvious trust in him.

Robt. Polden and ducks.

As time went on, wild fowl accepted visitors to the Park with­ out fear. They participated in picnics and cleaned up crusts and crumbs that humans tossed care­ lessly aside. Children loved them and favorite family outings were spen t there.

The Poldens lived close to na­ ture and chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, coons and muskrats made an interesting study. The squirrels became so tame they would search for peanuts in Mr. Poiden's pock­ ets when he sa t in a chair in his back yard. Knowing they would come, he made sure they

Mrs. Stewart Gunn, daughter Judy wouldn't be disappointed! and ducks.