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Five Queen Scouts, who had been honored in 1967, were members of the guard of honor on the steps of the Legislative Building that day: John Pliszka, Murray Crewson, Barry Johnson, Ken John and Rae Thomson.

It's so easy to forget time and space when we start talking about Island Park! There is so much of its beauty that we want to share with you, by words and pictures if not in reality. Someone once said, "A picture is worth a thousand words", so, before we end our Island Park story we will add a few thousand words by means of pictures, trusting you will enjoy them.

Maybe, now that the snow banks are gone and 'Tinker Belle' has to use more muscle power to leap the high fence, she will learn to live amongst her own species in this deer pen. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Earl have put her there for her own protection.

Her mother probably died with one fast bang from a hunter's gun. She was found alone and uncared for when she was a little fawn.

Te Deer Pen.

Kind people, that the Earls are, they loved her and cared for her and she became a family pet.

When she decided to take off, to see what the world was all about, they knew that something had to be done, and the deer pen was the answer, they thought. Other deer were enjoying the snow, and didn't mind the confines of the pen, so she should too. How wrong they were! 'Tinker Belle' almost beat them home!