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fore, if a bridge were constructed across the Creek it would be a comparatively simple matter to have a Plan after the nature of No. 427 made out covering the shore frontage west of the Creek."

Plans for a syndicate were formulated in 1900, when a few Portage la Prairie people were refused permission to purchase portions of land they desired in connection with their cottages. The C.P.R. owned the desired land. Eventually, J. J. Garland on behalf of Hon. Mr. Justice Taylor, T. H. Tebo, S. M. Macdonald and the following, all of whom have since passed away, namely: himself, Hon. R. Watson, J. O. Cadham, W. R. Richardson, J. Alex Snider, W. H. Thompson, H. O. Sutton, J. H. Metcalfe and Dr. J. E. Lundy pur­ chased the holdings of the C.P.R. which are represented to consist of 210 acres. (The total acreage mentioned here takes in land ac­ quired and added at a later date than No. 427).

The land in question was placed in the names of the late J. J.

Garland and W. H. Thompson as Trustees for the parties interested as above mentioned. Due to the death of the late J. J. Garland, on Jan. l l th, 1927, the Hon. Mr. Justice F. G. Taylor, who was then practising law in Portage la Prairie was appointed Trustee. Those joining in the Agreement as parties thereto were: Thompson, Watson, Cadham, Metcalfe, Macdonald, Richardson, Snider and the Garland estate, Lundy estate and A. H. Dennis as Assignee of H. O. Sutton, E. A. McPherson as Assignee of the interest of J. H. Metcalfe, and D. M. Ormond.

Under a Trusteeship Agreement, the late Wm. Richardson was appointed an agent for the Syndicate for the purpose of selling real estate and in connection with the trapping privileges. Unfortunately, for many years back there has not been any demand for property of the Syndicate's Holdings. This, coupled with the fact that for several years there has been no income from the ratting rights, the Trustees' funds have been going out with nothing coming back. Consequently, in the year 1936, the Trustee, out of his own funds, paid on account of taxes $3.48. In 1937 he paid $31.95, and in 1938 he paid $31.61 for the same cause. He was later reimbursed for $36.00 of the total amount.

Commencing with 1937 Delta Beach grew in popularity. How­ ever, sales that have taken place have been in connection with improved real estate. A great deal of credit is due to the energies of some of the cottage holders and the Delta Beach Association for the increased popularity of the Beach, as, due to their efforts, an all weather gravelled road has been constructed and various other