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1925. The place was passed on to Mr. Wishart's son Hector. The McCallister brothers became the next (and pres en t) owners.

Mrs. Ida Wishart Brown says, "The first school was built in 1876 on the S. W. quarter of 36-12-7, then owned by Mr. J. Grant. This building was actually built for a home but was later used as a school and served the purpose un til 1879."

As the population of the district increased a second school was built which was named West Prospect school, (The district thus becoming divided into East and West.)

In 1880 another school was built, on the N.E. quarter of 19- 12-6, which sufficed until 1910 when the present school was erected. This school is still in use, but since 1963 has been consoli­ dated with the Dale District.

East Prospect became well known across the country for its superb show-horses. John Wishart with his Hackneys and Clydes­ dales was seen at many fairs in Portage and Winnipeg. Mr. Wishart was president of the Horse Breeders Association of Manitoba for a time.

Other exhibitors from the district were: David Little, John McCowan, W. P. Smith and A. M. Brownridge who was president of the Clydesdale Association for years.

The district has always shown a keen interest in the plowing rna tches, and not long ago Mickey Dernman won the con test down east to compete overseas, where he made a good showing even though he didn't win top honors.

One of the East Prospect's most widely known men was J. G.

Cowan who received his basic education in the local school, practiced law for 13 years and then became Minister of Mines and Natural Resources. He was also first Deputy Minister of Public Utilities of Manitoba. He passed away in 1966 after serving the public for 33 years.

Taxpayers in the district in I88l were: E. W. Snider, David Custer, James Moffat, J. A. Patterson, W. P. Smith, John Moffat, Alex Moffat, Gaddis Thompson, John Dallimone, J. P. Reach, Fred Pope, James Cowan, M.D., John Simpson, Charles Meur, Wm. Thompson, G. A. Tucker, James Ferguson, David Thompson, Mar­ garet A. MacDonald, Wm. McCowan, Higgins and Young, D. D. Fraser, John McLelland, R. A. Neilings, Alfred J. Green, David McCowan, James and Robert Sheil, Thomas Swales, Wm. Wishart, James Trow, George Brandon, Henry Moss, Frederick Westgate and John Grant.