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to relieve the burden of expense for bereaved families. Membership numbered 75. It was a good example of togetherness in the district.

During the war years the ladies of the district were very active in Red Cross work and attended meetings in the win ter time by riding in a horse-drawn cutter or sleigh box. Mrs. Wilf Thompson was the first president of this group.

The 4-H club was organized in 1951 with Mrs. H. Griffin as the leader. The 14 girl members chose the name "The Gainsborough Stitchers" for their club. Doris Ferguson, one of the members, later distinguished herself in Daniel McIntyre Collegiate in Winnipeg by topping the class in sewing and winning a medal and scholarship for general proficiency.

Until 1963 most of the social events in the district were held in the school house. On that date, an air force building at Carberry was purchased to serve as a Community Hall. Payments on this building were completed in 1966.

An all-weather road: provided by the provincial government in 1965 has been a blessing to residents. It is known as Provincial Road No. 240 and runs through the centre of the district.

Rural electrification in 1949 brought with it the benefits of modern appliances and more leisure for farm folks.

With limited time and space it is impossible to include all interesting stories connected with this little community. However, one, told by Mrs. Roy Bell, is worthy of recording for the interest of naturalists. Quote - "Ernest Bradford, a naturalist of some repute, has resided in the district for some time. He owns a large tract of land along the river bank - a haven for waterfowl and animals in which he takes a keen interest. Many top grade fur pelts have been marketed from his trap-line in past years."


Genest is listed in the Manitoba Place Guide as being part of the Municipality of Portage la Prairie and yet for a considerable length of time it seemed as if we would have no information con­ cerning it! However, Mrs. A. M. McKay and Mrs. Clarence Yuill, who collaborated on an interesting brochure called "Belle Plain Dis­ trict History," mention Genest in it.

Apparently it is a siding (which at one time was called Six Mile Siding) located in the Belle Plain area.