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It has not been easy, or even possible, to name every business establishment from the days of the first white settlement to the present time. We have, however, attempted to acquaint you with as many as information allowed.

While Portagers are aware of the establishments located here now, the following listing may be helpful, many years hence, to someone who, once again, attempts to bring the history of Portage la Prairie up to date.

Due to the time element, the writer is unable to do thorough research on this subject, and offers sincere apologies to anyone whose place of business is not included here.

A & \V Drive-Inn, Sask. E. Ace Taxi, 25-5th St. N.W.

Active Refrigeration, 910 Sask. E. Adams Furniture Co., 15 Sask. E. Agnew Surpass Shoe Stores Ltd., 116

Sask. E.

Albion Hotel, 17-3rd St. N.E.

Allied Van Lines Ltd., 20-3rd St. N.E. AI's Machinery Sales, PI. 124

Allis Chalmers Ltd., PI. 123

Alsip Brick Tile & Lumber Co. Animal Aid Centre, 1000 Sask. W. Animal Clinic, 62 Royal N.

Arrow Taxi, 203 Melville

Asselstine, Dr. L. E. (Chiropractor), 72 Tupper S.

Assiniboine Electric, 48-8th N.E. Astbury, Chas. B. (Farm Equipment), 410 Tupper N.

Avco Finance Ltd., 226 Sask. E. Avenue Automatic Service (automatic trans.), 1357 Sask. W.

B.C. Pea Growers Ltd., 10th St. N.E. Bakuska, C A. (refrigeration), 127

Royal Rd. N.

Bank of Montreal, 1 Sask. W.

Bank of Nova Scotia, 103 Sask. E. Bargain World Ltd., ISO Sask. E. Barrett's Sales & Service Ltd. (shoes,

repairs, awnings, paints, sports equip­ ment, etc.), 25-2nd St. N.W.

Beauty Nook Salon, 135 Sask. E. Beaver Lumber Co. Ltd., 72-3rd N.E. Beese Food Store, 326 Sask. E.

Bell, Leslie D. (Public Accountant), 32 Tupper N.

Bill's Catering Ltd., Sask. E. and Sask. W.

B ill's Service (auto), Trans-Canada Hwy. W.

Bingo's Auto Body Clinic, PI. 119 Bottomley's Furniture, 131 Sask. E. Bowes Mobile Homes Ltd., No. 1

Hwy. E.

Bradley's Esso Service East, 416 Sask. E. British-American Oil Co. Ltd., 3rd

St. N.E.

Burger House, 700 Sask. W.

CAA Emergency Service, PI. 53 CFRY (radio stn.), 1500 Sask. W. CP. Transport, N.E. Pacific and

Tupper N.

Campbell Soup Co. Ltd., SaO-15th N.W.

Campbell's TV Radio & Hi-Fi Service, 71-12th S.W.

Canada Manpower Centre, 1O-1st St.


Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,

Sask. and Tupper CN.R., Fisher Ave.

c.r. Railway Co., 3rd St. N.E. CP. Airlines, C.P. Station

Carmichael Plumbing & Heating Ltd., 29 Tupper N.

Case Power & Equipment Ltd., 2500 Trans-Canada Hwy. W.

Chicken Delight of Canada, 1320 Sask.


Chicken Villa, 206 Sask. E. Christianson Ltd. (farm implements, etc.), 1st St. N.W.

Chuckwagon, Bill's (restaurant and Esse service), Pi. 127

City Centre Esso Service, 103 Sask. W. (D. Bradley)

Classic Coiffures, 325 Sask. E. Clayton Agencies (real estate, etc.}, 109 Sask. E.