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Rolands Hair Styling, 167 Sask, E. Romyn Plumbing & Heating, 36-15th St. N.W.

Royal Transportation Ltd., 80-lOth St.


Royalite Oil Co. Ltd., Sask. W. Rudy's Farm Supply, Trans-Canada Hwy. W.

Semrick Glass & Building Supply, 312 Fisher

Shell Canada Ltd., 201-3rd St. N.E. Sherwin-Williams Co. of Canada Ltd., 80 Sask. W.

Simpsons-Sears Ltd., 112 Sask. W. Sing, Chas. W. (Q.C.), (barrister),

21 Royal Rd. N.

Singer Co. of Canada Ltd., 14 Sask. VV. Smith, Dr. H. H. (dentist), Sask. E. Smith Motors Ltd., 3rd St. S.E. and

Sask. E.

Smith, Dr. W. C. (dentist), 32 Tupper


Smitty's Taxi, 25-5th St. N.W. Snider Hardware Ltd., 12 Sask. W. Stasiuk, Dr. 1. N. (dentist), 41 Royal N. Stewart-Greenslade Agencies, 33 Tup-

per S.

Stylerite Stores of Canada Ltd., 120 Sask. E.

Sunset Motel, Trans-Canada Hwy. W. Sylvester's Shoes Ltd., 10 Sask. E. Texaco Canada Ltd., 207 Fisher Thomson, Dr. J. S., 62 Royal N. Thorne Gunn Helliwell & Christenson

(C.A.), 32 Tupper N.

Tilley, N. M. Realty Ltd. (R.E.), 202

Sask. E.

Trading Block, 20-3rd St. N.E.

Travel Service O'Brien, 200 Sask. E. Trimble's Funeral Chapel, 56 Royal

Rd. S.

Used A Bit Shop, 6 Massey Dr. Vanguard Agencies Ltd., 202 Sask. E. Violet's Beauty Shop, 45 Royal Rd. S. V opn i Press Ltd., 201 Sask. E.

Wall Plumbing Heating & Trenching, 137-3rd N.W.

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co., 202

Sask. E.

Webb Bus Lines Ltd., 124 Duke Westend Electric, 48-7th N.E.

Western Bearing & Auto Parts, 223 Sask. E.

Westgate Inn Motel, lOW Sask. Ave. E. 'Winters, Dr. G. N. (dentist), 29 Royal Rd. N.

Wishart's Service, 775 Sask. W. Yellowquill Motel, 20th S.W.


Is it the good, clean air, the fertile soil for vegetables, the friendly environment, the scenery, or the fact that people don't race around like mad mice in a milk bottle, that makes for longevity in Portage la Prairie? Maybe it's a combination of all of those things, and more. Whatever it is, it's a fact that our city and surrounding districts have produced people who haven't let go of the reins of life until they were well over the 100 mark! What is more remarkable is the fact that many of them are mentally alert through their latter years.

The ages of 70 and 80 years are not considered "old" here.

Why! many of the people in this age group attend and enjoy hockey games in the Arena and ball games in the Park, either walking or driving their own cars to those places. Curling, golfing and gardening are favorite forms of exercise for quite a few of them. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Zimmerman (79 and 80 years of age) thoroughly enjoy bowling, as do Mrs. Gordon Troop (76) and Mrs. Wm. Bradshaw (78). If we could muster all the active sports enthusiasts in our city that are over 70 years of age, we would have quite a line-up! The old-fashioned idea of folding the hands, twiddling the thumbs,