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presented with an Order of The Crocus certificate from the Manitoba Centennial Corporation.

A wonderful, and charming

host and hostess greeted guests at their home in Portage la Prairie on a lovely summer afternoon in 1966. Mr. Arthur Smallpiece had reached the 100 mark! Mrs. Smallpiece was 89 years of age at that time.

The following year, Mr. and Mrs. Small piece, dressed in the fashionable attire of the 1800s, led the parade in a celebration commemorating Canada's Cen­ tennial. The picture of Mr. Small­ piece, shown here, was taken during that year. He passed away on the 28th of December, 1968. On January 2nd, 1969, his funeral

service was postponed when his loving wife joined him. Arrange­

ments were then made for a double funeral. In view of the life they had lived, it was fitting that they shared in the last big event.

Two Portage la Prai­ rie gentlemen who re­ ceived Order Of The Crocus certifica tes on the same day as Mrs. Balmer were Mr. Charles Mit­ chell, shown a t left, who is 95 years of age; and Mr. Jos. Hourie, shown at right, who is now 97 years of age. Mayor W. A. Linden made all three presentations in Holiday

Retreat where these folks


j are enjoying companion-

.J. ship and comfort in their twilight years.