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championship in that sport. So impressed was she, by their velvet voices blending in beautiful harmony, that she honored Portage by attending a banquet and social evening here on May 25, 1968 for the purpose of helping them financially. It was an unforgettable evening for everyone who attended. However, ticket sales didn't wipe out the entire deficit and $1,500.00 of it remained to be raised.

While 'walkathons' have become quite common, it took the stamina and determination of 12 Indian youths to stage the first 'runathon' in these parts; all boys anxious to keep "Canada's Singing Indians" singing and to wipe out the debt.

The 'runathon' took the form of a relay race with ten boys each running 4 miles and two running 5 miles each. The exercise was called "Miles for Song" and those inspiring words were printed on the front of the runners' white T-shirts.

At 1 :30 P.M. on Oct. 18, 1968, J. O. Harris, Residence Adminis­ trator, wished the first runner luck as Mayor W. A. Linden shot the starting gun in front of the City HalL Anthony Bear took off at top speed, in weather that was anything but favorable. Rain, snow and a little sleet couldn't cause a postponement of this im­ portant event and no one even suggested it.

The aim was to reach Polo Park, a distance of 50 miles, by 7 P.M. and they did! The remarkable young athletes who performed this feat were: Anthony Bear, Zack Knott, Gilbert Monias, Ken Omand, Robert Daniels, Henry Colon, Clarence Hart, William Moore, Gordon Muswagon, Grant Queskekapow, Larry Williams and Headley Colon.

The Polo Park Merchants' Association donated $327.25, and with other donations raised through the venture, the Indian Glee Club could carryon with a happy heart again.

After Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Burk's departure from Portage la Prairie, their place was taken by Miss Allison Cameron and Mr. Gordon Billows who are capably conducting the Indian Glee Club at this time.

It has taken a long time for the sunshine of knowledge to dispel the clouds of distrust and doubt in the minds of Indians and white men alike. Thank God, the time has come when we can love, trust, and appreciate the capabilities of each other, in a land where we can both merit awards, and share in the country's bountiful blessings.