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Red Apple Neepawa

Photo of Red Apple Neepawa

Originally built as a Bargain Shop, in 2012 TBS converted this store to a Red Apple. The store had been remodelled prior to the conversion and was modified again when it became a Red Apple.

Inside, you will find a variety of hard and soft goods. Neepawa's Red Apple can be found by turning off of Highway #16 at the traffic lights. You then proceed down Mountain Avenue. The store is located on the East side of the street. In this portion of town, Neepawa features angle parking. Care should be taken when leaving a parking spot.

Like many Neepawa stores, Sunday shopping only begins at noon. In 2012 Neepawa Town Council defeated a motion that would have seen Sunday shopping begin as early as 9AM like the majority of Manitoba.

More information on the Red Apple in Neepawa can be found at

The following article appeared in the Neepawa Press when the store conversion was complete:

Neepawa is about to have a new offering in its role as a regional shopping centre. TBS Acquireco Inc. has announced it will be unveiling a new Red Apple store in Neepawa Sept. 28. The new Red Apple will be opening its doors at the current location of The Bargain! Shop. "TBS (Acquireco) is making a lot of changes. We looked at the markets and are catering specifically to them," Laura Penso, VP of Marketing at The Bargain! Shop said in a phone interview from her office in Mississauga, Ont. "In the rural locations, they really wanted to refresh the brand. It's a shift in terms of addressing what the community needs." Across Canada, 31 select rural The Bargain! Shop locations will be switching to the Red Apple brand in September. Red Apple aims to be a go-to for fashion, home and food at great prices while providing a one-stop shopping centre for the community. The switch promises to bring better products and a better value. Neepawa's store is anticipated to boast a current and affordable home section, a new assortment of on-trend fashions as well as everyday food basics. Another featured addition in Neepawa will be a Candyworks candy shop section that offers sweet treats and a playful atmosphere. "There are so many changes going on. Customers will see an entirely new look...a lot more modern," Penso explained. "In the centre of the store there will be a huge, Willy Wonka-style candyworks section. "People will walk into the store and gasp when they see it." Neepawa's grand opening will be Friday, Sept. 28 at 9 a.m. at 385 Moutain Ave. with "amazing deals" being offered throughout the store and local dignitaries in attendance. There will also be an official reveal of the "breathtaking" Willy Wonka-style Candyworks candy shop. "I can't wait to welcome the Neepawa community into Red Apple," Red Apple Neepawa store manager Trina Kenney said. "Our entire staff is excited to offer our valued customers the best product selection, best value and best customer service in town."

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