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Randy and Sandi transferred to the United States in March of 1990. After 15 years as the Toronto District Manager for BPI, Randy accepted a position managing the Northern Virginia operations of the company, settling in Fairfax, Virginia. Randy and Sandi relocated again in May of 1994, this time to Europe. Randy accepted the position of Vice President Operations-Europe, and over­ saw the companies operations in nine countries. Randy and Sandi lived in Baarn, the Netherlands, during the Europe years.

On August 30, 1994 Bertha passed away at the age oD8. She had fought a long and courageous battle against cancer, beating it twice in previous years. Her final months were very difficult, but through them she continually demonstrated her concern for others over herself. Her self­ lessness and ability to hide pain and suffering were her trademarks all her life.

In June 1995, Ragnar travelled to Europe for a visit with Randy and Sandi. One of the side trips taken during his stay was to visit what had been the home of Emil and Hansine Bergeson in Sigerfjord, Norway, before they emigrated in 1900. All that was left of the home were parts of a foundation, but it was a touching event for father and son to sit on the stones and think of the courage it took for our ancestors to venture out so long ago.

Ragnar Bergeson, age 82 (J 996)

Taking off his last crop after deciding tofinally retire from farming

Ragnar passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of an aortic aneurysm on November 29, 1996 at the age of 82. He had decided that year to retire from farming at long last and was preparing to travel again to Europe in December. Ragnar was found by his friend, Melvin Wetteland, with whom he was pursuing one of his favorite pastimes, hunting.

InApril 1998, Randy and Sandi returned to the United States, this time taking a short assignment in Boston,

Massachusetts. Randy and Sandi made their final move with BPI in March 1999, to Palm Beach County, Florida. After 35 years of many transfers and much travel, Randy had asked for somewhere warm. The last request was granted just in time as the company was sold in September 1999.

Randy maintains ownership of the farm, which is currently being managed by Norval Lee. Randy and Sandi are now retired and living in Delray Beach, Florida.


Carole Bergeson (nee Warren) was born on June 2, 1940, in Marietta, Ohio. She arrived in Erickson in August 1968, to teach at Erickson Collegiate.

In 1969, she purchased 27 First Street, SW in Erickson, and later, 26 First Street, SW. She became a Canadian citizen in September 1974.

Carole has lived in Winnipeg and Lorette, and is now retired after twenty-five years of working with the Seine River School Division. She has now returned 'home' to Erickson.

BERGESON, IRENE, LLOYD AND DONALD (Refer to.E.w:W ic Eield, Volume 1 - page 289)

Since Ecrest.rc Eield was published, there have been many changes in our lives. Our mother, Anna McInnes, passed away December 27, 1985 and is buried in Danvers Cemetery. Our brother, Donald, passed away December 9, 1989 and his wife, Marian, is in a Nursing Home in Winnipeg. Irene's husband, Octave Fortin, passed away June 26, 1995.

Irene now lives in a senior's home in Timmons, ON.

Lloyd is retired and lives on his farm near Erickson. Irene's oldest son, Donald, and his wife, Karen, make there home in Nanaimo, BC, and they have a Merry Maid Cleaning Business. James, their son, and his wife live in Burlington, ON and he works in the marina business. They have two daughters: Crystal, age 7, and Ashley, age 5. David, their son, works in retail and resides in Oakville, ON.

Bruce, our son, and his wife, Debbie, make their home in Timmons, ON. Brnce is Director of Health Protection for the Porcupine Health Centre in Timmons. Amanda, their daughter, will graduate in May 2000 from the University of Calgary in Medicine. Adam, their son, will graduate in April 2000 from the University of Western Ontario in London, with a Bachelor of Science III Physiology and Psychology and has been accepted into the RCMP.

David, our son, and his wife, Gwen, live in Stittsville, ON and work in Ottawa. David is a publishing officer for Government Services Canada. Gwen works in the Bank of Canada.