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Gladys Ellen, born December 10,19.43, took aUher . schooling at Onanole and later attended the University of Manitoba. Gladys' first son, Nelson Lyle, was born March 30, 1959. He died as an infant and is buried at Danvers Cemetery. She is a resource teacher in Winnipeg. She married Joe Sydor on June 9, 1962. They have two chil­ dren: Myrna Marie, born August 7, 1965; Donald Robert, born October 22, 1967. Gladys married Lloyd Smith of Winnipeg, MB on August 4, 1990. Lloyd passed away August 1, 1995 and is buried at Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg. She has four grandchildren.

Doreen Mae, born April 28, 1946, attended Onanole School and later Erickson School. She married Lawrence Seligman on June 15, 1970. They have on daughter, Lorena Jean, born August 18, 1964. Doreen worked for fifteen years at Kimberley Clarke until the company closed down March 31, 1983. She has now retired and they live at Onanole, MB.

Kelvin Rae was born March 23, 1953. He attended Onanole School and finished his high school in Erickson. He attended the University of Winnipeg for one year and then moved to Calgary, AB. He took a two-year course in technology and worked for Shell. At present he is attend­ ing the University of Alberta to acquire his engineering papers. He married Chris Blanchard in November 1974. They had two daughters: Kelly Ann, born June 17,1974; Carman Eileen, born October 5, 1977. Kelvin married Allison Carruthers of Toronto, ON on Febrnary 14, 1985. They are now living in Toronto.

Clarence Henry, born January 2, 1955, attended Onanole School and completed his high school in Erickson. He also attended the University of Manitoba for one year and later worked in Riding Mountain National Park. Clarence passed away on August 6, 1978, and is buried at Onanole Cemetery.

Jeffrey James was born June 19, 1956. He also attended Onanole School and completed his high school in Erickson. Later he attended the University of Manitoba and graduated as an engineer in 1976. At present he is working for Drnmmand Oil in Calgary, AB. Jeffrey married Judy Friend ofCalgary,AB on September 14,1985. They have two children: Melisa Heather, born Febrnary 7, 1988, and Lauren Allison, born August 17, 1996. They live in Calgary.

Myrna Faye Ruth was born April 20, 1957. Faye also attended Onanole School and completed her high school in Erickson. Faye went to Calgary and attended Mount Royal College and graduated in criminology. She worked in Edmonton as a social worker. She married Barry Smith on May 19, 1979. They have one son, Travis John Albert, born March 9, 1980. Myrna married Rock Barsy of Winnipeg, MB, March 26, 1988. They have one daughter, Alisha, born March 25, 1989. Faye has her Bachelor of Education. They live in Winnipeg.

.Arthur passed away October 5, 1988 and is buried . in the family plot at Danvers Cemetery in Erickson, MB.

Editor S Note: Gordon Bergeson passed away in October 2000.


Ragnar and Bertha Bergeson 50th Wedding Anniversary (1989)

Since 1984, Ragnar and Bertha continued living and working on the farm. Ragnar slowly reduced the amount cultivated each year and by the mid-90's was only farm­ ing the home quarter. Ragnar and Bertha celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 8, 1989. A cele­ bration was held in town to commemorate the event.

Randy and Sandi Bergeson (1999) Taken in Delray Beach, Florida