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Home of Viola and Dorland

Home is where the heart is, and for Dorland and Viola their hearts have always been in Erickson at 88 Main Street.

Dorland, with his parents, Ina and Wilfred, and his brother and sisters, moved into Erickson in 1937. Roy and Martha Shell born, and their daughters Doris and Viola moved to Erickson in 1947. Dorland and Viola were married July 15, 1956.

Dorland was employed at the Erickson Co-op in September, 1950 and worked there for 36 years. Besides work, community life was important to Dorland. He served as cub master for 17 years and 8 years as Sunday School superintendent. He was a charter member of the Erickson Credit Union and the Erickson Lutheran Church. His love for music kept him active with the church choirs. Curling was his favourite sport. Early retirement at age 55 allowed Dorland to share his talents. He never hesitated to help others. This handyman always found time to fix cars, carpenter and paint. Being grandpa to his grandchildren meant a great deal to Dorland. When the grandchildren were near, Dorland could be seen pulling them in the wagon, giving them rides on the garden tractor, reading and telling stories, showing them bird nests in the trees, or what was growing in the garden. He loved babysitting the grand­ children. In the winter of 1994-95, cancer took hold and after a courageous battle Dorland succumbed on April 2, 1995. Celebration of his life was held on April 5th. Dorland is buried at the Scandinavia Cemetery.

Viola was a homemaker when their family was preschool age, then was employed by the Rolling River School Division as school secretary, working for five years at the Erickson Elementary School and 27 years at the Collegiate. Viola plans to retire in 2000.

Their family: daughter, Elaine, married Doug Lochhead, they live in East St. Paul. Elaine is a Special Education Resource Teacher at Lorette Collegiate, and Doug works for the TD bank in Winnipeg. Their three children are Andrea, Kathryn and Richard. Daughter, Dr. Elva Pearson is a psychiatrist. Elva and her daughters, Anja and Hannah, moved to Wilmington, Delaware in August 1999. Previously they lived three years in Honolulu, Hawaii. Son, Murray, is married to Karen (Klassen).

Murray is owner of CELCO in Winnipeg, and Karen is an elementary school teacher. They have two children, Dana and Daniel.

Elaine Lochhead, Elva Pearson, Viola Burkett, Murray Burkett

Retirement years for Viola, will likely be filled with music, community involvement, and travel. Family and friends help make Erickson a special place to reside. Editor S Note: Viola retired June 30, 2000.

Back row: Andrea Lochhead, Daniel and Dana Burkett, Hannah and Anja Pearson

Front row: Kathryn and Richard Lochhead