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Neil Emil Challborn was born June 16, 1921. He is the oldest child of Hulda and Ernest. In his later years, Neil worked as a long-shoreman at Vancouver, Be. He is now retired there.

Neil Challborn with his niece, Jane, and his great-niece, Margot Challborn

Henry Theodore (Ted) Challborn was born August 11, 1923. He spent his last years living in Onoway, AB, near his son, Kurt, and family. Ted died of cancer August 11, 1997. He was cremated and interment and memorial

service were held at Hilltop Baptist Church east of Erickson, MB.

Mamie Challborn Wetteland Anderson is the third child. I was born Febrnary 19, 1926. After living in Santa Barbara, California for 16 years, I returned to Erickson, MB in 1981. I was a widow and Dad and I lived together. In 1984, I reaffirmed my membership in the Erickson Lutheran Church, taught Sunday School and I was an active member of the Lutheran Women's Lois Circle. I enjoyed painting in oils, so joined the Minnedosa Art Club to take more lessons. For the Municipal Centennial Celebration in 1984, I helped Irene Sundmark and Irene Wrnth to organize a Square Dance Club, which was later named "The Swinging Eights". The Club is still active III the year 1999.

When my dad passed away in 1987, I made plans to move to Vancouver Island to live closer to my son, Dwain, daughter-in-law, Bev, and their family. I sold my house in Erickson in 1990 and bought a suite in a condominium in Duncan, BC, where my son lived at that time.

I live very close to an active Senior Centre. I carpet bowl there two mornings a week. The Centre also has whist, cribbage, line dancing, pool tables and two dances a month. I participate in the above occasionally. I volun­ teered in the kitchen for four years, every Tuesday, catering to the Bingo crowd. I also volunteered at an elementary school for one year. I have been secretary for our Cando

Strata Council for nine years. I am an avid reader, work crossword puzzles and play scrabble and card games with my close friends. I am still able to knit and crochet afghans. I have done a bit of travelling - tour to Germany, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco, visited a friend in Hawaii, and travelled to various places in Western USA. Also, I do like to return to Erickson to visit friends and relatives.

Mamie with son, Dwain and his wife, Bev

I have enjoyed seeing my three grandchildren, Michelle, Mathew, and Melissa Wetteland, growing up and spending part of their summer holidays with me. Their parents moved from Duncan to Lytton, to Squamish and are now in Kelowna. So for holidays, birthdays, and grad­ uations, I drive to their home and enjoy the family get-togethers. The oldest grandchild, Michelle (22 years), and David Price recently had a son, so I am now a great­ grandmother.

Editor S Note: Baby Ryan was born January 24, 2000.

Dwain (See Wetteland, Dwain and Beverley)

Dave, Ryan and Michelle