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Irma Kristina Challborn was born January 16, 1928.

She died in a snowstorm near Boissevain, MB on March 6, 1951. She was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her brother, Ted, and his wife, Alice, the weekend before she passed away.

Ted Challborn and sister, Irma, as bridesmaid

Back row: Gordon and Isabelle Front row: Wendy, Susan and Rich

Ferg Ernest is the fifth child born on July 19, 1929.

He is living on a farm, NW 6-18-18, north of Erickson. (See his history)

Isabelle Alice Mutter is the youngest child, born March 29, 1931. She and her husband, Gordon Mutter, are retired and live on an acreage at Paso Robles, California. Their three girls, Ricki, Wendy and Susan, also live in Southern California. They often visit with their parents. Isabelle and Gordon have four grandchildren.


Ferg Ernest Challborn was the fifth of six children born to Birger (Ernie) and Hulda Challbom. He was born on July 19, 1929. His brothers and sisters are Neil, Ted, Mamie, Irma and Isabel (Irma died in 1952 and Ted died in 1998).

Ferg graduated from Grade 11 at the Erickson High School in 1945 and graduated from Grade 12 at the Minnedosa High School in June 1946.

He taught in Dover during the 1946-47 school year.

To get to Dover, a distance of approximately 220 miles, he rode the train for 10 hours. The distance past Winnipeg, only about 80 miles, took most of the time. The train stopped many times to pick up and take off cream cans. Ferg got off the train at Vita, hitched a ride, and then walked the remaining distance with his suitcase to get to his final destination (he stayed with the Ole Rasmussen family). He also worked in Flin Flon in 1949. He saved his money and then went to the University of Manitoba. It was necessary to work out again to save money for tuition and living expenses in Winnipeg while attending university. Ferg, with his cousin, Bob Shellborn, and friend, Earl Ramgren, drove to Rivers in Earl's Model A Ford with some carpentry tools to hire out as carpenters. They worked on a housing project for the Air Force. Their wage was 90 cents per hour. This was "top dollar" then! It was probably no coincidence that three Swedish (and Swedish speaking) boys were able to get this good job from a fore­ man who was a Swede from Sweden! They did this in the summers of 1950 and 1951, before Ferg returned to the University of Manitoba for two consecutive years and graduated with a degree in Agriculture in 1952. After grad­ uation, he owed $700.00 to his parents, which was repaid in 7 months.

Following his graduation, Ferg worked in North Dakota until the spring of 1955. In June 1953, at 23 years of age, he married Elvira Johnson (daughter of Carl Amos Victor and Bertha Johnson). While they lived in North Dakota, their first child (and only daughter), lone, was born in June 1954. In the spring of 1955, Ferg and his family moved to Wallace, Idaho. Their first son, Carl, was born there in August 1956.