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and the floating bridge truly floated. The new road past Basil Woloshen's farm washed out and, In order to get to the Norland School, the road by Wilson's farm was used. Eileen was born while on the Scandinavia farm. Jackie worked hard on the farm looking after all the kids and helping out. We made many friends in the area that we still visit today.

Onanole was the next move. George was born while living in Onanole. Initially we lived right in the town of Onanole and then later moved to the Green house on the park hill next to Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Baker. Mr. Baker showed us how to ice the garden hill for sliding in the winter. Mrs. Baker had a squirrel problem in her garage and Bud became very good with her BB gun. They had great squirrel hunts. Jackie moved out to the Reg Phillips farm while we were living in Onanole. Again we gathered many wonderful friends. Vera and the children's next move was to Erickson. Moving was a wonderful change for us, first to a small house and then to the Ted Lee house. We had school sports, part time jobs and many friends.

Jackie married Reg Philips and they lived and worked on several Community Pastures in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Jackie and Reg reside on a small farm near Smeaton, SK. Reg enjoys his team of white mules and uses them for chores around the farm. Jackie grows a beau­ tiful garden and enjoys her flowerbeds. Jackie and Reg gathered a circle of loyal and dear friends in the Smeaton area. They have one daughter and three grandchildren. Reg's son, Fred, resides in Regina with his wife and daugh­ ter. Reg passed away July 7, 1999.

Merrie! married a hydro employee, which meant moving around the province. Jim and Merriel Collen presently reside in Winnipeg. They have one son.

Donnelda (Dee) moved to Kitimat, BC where her father was employed with ALCAN. Dee met Ed and they had three girls. Later Dee married Carl Dahl and they reside in Duchess, AB. Carl had 2 children from a previ­ ous marriage, so together they had a full house. Dee and Carl work together building custom houses. They are blessed with several grandchildren.

Bud married Sue Chatbum and they settled in Prince George, Be. Bud is in the construction business. They have two children and one grandson, Jake. Bud later married Ella and they enjoy golfing and travel.

Brenda married Wayne Dahl and they reside in Duchess, AB. Brenda and Wayne work together in a cabi­ net building business. Brenda and Wayne have two children, Keri and Kelly. Brenda also has a son from a previous marriage, Jim Third.

Seibert Wetteland manied into this family, Seibert was very good to the Clayton family. We were always welcome and the coffeepot was always on. Seibert and the grand­ children had many good times. When Seibert's son, Dwain, and his wife, Bev, came to visit they were often over run

with Clay tons. Dwain and Bev live in Windfield, BC. Dwain is nearing retirement from the RCMP. They have three children and one grandson, Ryan Seibert Wetteland Price. Seibert passed away May 16, 1990 and is sadly missed.


This is an update of the Russell and Ann Cook family.

We continued to farm, raising cattle and grain. In 1982, I started driving a School Bus and continued until June of 1991. Ann worked at the concession at Minnedosa Golf Course for the summers of 1987 and 1988 and at Lin-Dels Restaurant, part-time, the following winter. In June of 1994, we moved to Minnedosa where we still reside.

Sharon and Ken Jonasson continue to live III Winnipeg. She is nursing at Grace Hospital and keeps busy at home and with other community work. Ken has his own painting and repair business. Melissa will gradu­ ate from grade 12 this year. She and 1. P. Tourand have a son, Devin Joseph, who was born on January 23, 1998. Their wedding is planned for July this year. Mark is attend­ ing school and has been a member of their school band for several years and has travelled to such places as Toronto, Ottawa and, last year, to Cuba with the band.

Kenneth was married to Janie Benson. They are divorced. On April 23, 1988, Ken and Barb Johnston were married at the Erickson Lutheran Church. They live on the farm at Clanwilliam where they raise grain and cattle. Ken is employed by Manitoba Highways and Transportation. Barb has the Dollar Store in Minnedosa and Boissevain, and she is also active in various organizations. Bradley was confirmed in 1996 and graduated from the Minnedosa Collegiate in June 1996. He was employed at Minnagro in Minnedosa. He was active in baseball, 4-H, and curl­ ing. He was a lover of animals, especially his herd of cattle. Brad was deceased on August 1, 1998. Nicole took her schooling at Minnedosa. She was confirmed at Erickson Lutheran Church in 1997. She graduated from the Minnedosa Collegiate in 1999. Part of her schooling was work experience, which she took at Minnagro where she has continued to work. Nicole was active in sports being on the Junior Girls' Golf team, playing ball and curling. She is taking some University Courses in Brandon. Brendan Kenneth was born on April 25, 1989. He is attending school in Minnedosa, plays ball and is learning to curl. Brendan is very artistic in drawing and sketching.

Barry and Colleen Buck were married in Minnedosa on July 6, 1985. They lived in Minnedosa where Barry worked at the Mohawk Ethanol Plant as well as farming. Colleen worked at the erne until it closed. She is presently employed at the Liquor Mati on a part-time basis. Three girls were born in Minnedosa. Sara Ashley, who was born on February 24, 1988, attends school at Tanner's Crossing,