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was a member of the Sparks and Brownies, is taking piano lessons, and enjoys singing, playing ball and curling. She is a member of the Erickson 4-H Beef Club. She enjoys baby-sitting her younger sisters and cousins. Stephanie Dawn was born on January 2, 1990, and was the New Year's baby at Minnedosa. She attends Tanner's Crossing School, belongs to Sparks and Brownies, takes piano lessons and enjoys singing. Stephanie also plays ball and is learning to curl. Kerri Marie was born on August 30, 1992, and attends Tanner's Crossing School. Kerri also takes piano lessons, enjoys singing, plays ball, and is look­ ing forward to curling. She really enjoys being her Dad's buddy.

Barry and Colleen purchased our fann in 1994 and moved to the farm, They continue to raise grain and cattle and Colleen and girls help with chores.

Doug and Kathy Fehr were married in Brandon on December 23, 1995. They live in Minnedosa. Their daugh­ ter, Samantha Marie, was born on December 5, 1997. Doug works at Morris Rodweeder but continues to farm. Each of the three brothers has his own land and cattle but pool their machinery and mn their cattle together and share the workload. Kathy continues to work at the Victoria Inn in Brandon. They are both active in curling in Minnedosa and enjoy bonspiels elsewhere.

Glenn and Katie Reimer of The Pas were married in Winnipeg on August 18, 1984. Glenn worked in Winnipeg and Katie taught school in Steinbach. In 1995 they moved to Steinbach and the next year built a house where they continue to live. Glenn started his own consulting business and Katie continues to teach. Their son, David Glenn, was born on July 11, 1989. David loves reading, plays ball in summer, and hockey in winter. He is presently taking piano lessons. Glenn and Katie have travelled to Europe as chap­ erones on more than one occasion.

Ronald and Stacey Taylor were married in Minnedosa on July 27, 1991. They lived in Minnedosa where Ron was employed at the Co-op Hardware Centre. Stacey had a Day Care in their home while they lived in Minnedosa. They have three children: Ryan Thomas, born at Brandon on August 27, 1980, started school at Tanner's Crossing, and was active at playing ball at an early age. Tyler James was born in Minnedosa on March 29, 1983. Amanda Breann was born in Brandon on March 7, 1997. Ron and Stacey and family moved to Boissevain at the beginning of August 1997, where Ron is manager of the Co-op Lumber Yard. In November 1998, Barb started the Boissevain Dollar Store with Stacey as manager. Ron played ball in Minnedosa, being instrumental in forming the Maverick's Baseball Team. Having played ball for several years, it was only natural to play with the Boissevain Team after moving there. He now coaches the young boys' baseball team of which Ryan and Tyler are members. Both Ron and Stacey have been active curlers.

Ann and I have enjoyed our time SInce moving to Minnedosa. Weare close enough to help out on the farm and babysit our grandchildren on different occasions. Being within three hours driving time of any of our family, we can enjoy visiting fairly often.


David Lawrence is the son of Harry (Ray) William and Helen (Nell) Mary (Edmunson) Cooley, of Birtle, MB. David was born on December 3, 1942 at the Shoal Lake Hospital.

Evelyn Juan (Antonation) is the daughter of Michael Stephen and Rose (Gnutel) Antonation of Shoal Lake, MB. Evelyn was born June 13, 1942 at the Shoal Lake Hospital.

David and Evelyn were married on January 15, 1966 at St. George's Anglican Church, Birtle, MB. They were blessed with five children.

Catherine Mae was born January 3, 1967 at Birtle.

Cathy married Kent Warrington and has 2 children, Zachary and Stephanie. They live in Erickson.

Michael Ray was born January 8, 1968 at Birtle.

Michael married Shelonie Allen of Fredericton, MB. Michael is in the armed forces, Gagetown, and Shelonie is a pharmacist at the Fredericton Hospital. They live in Mactaquac, NB, and have one son, David William, born Febmary 21, 1999.

Allan David was born September 28, 1970 at Hamiota. At the present time, he lives in Ottawa, ON. He is a farrier, training horses. He is a board member of the Ontario Appaloosa Association.

Colin William was born January 2, 1972 at Birtle. His career is in the medical area. He is a paramedic employed with Marine Pipeline as a safety supervisor. His home base is Erickson.

Steven Lawrence Trenton was born June 4, 1974 at Birtle. At the present time, he is with the Minnedosa­ Erickson Ambulance Service. He has been accepted by the university for the Bachelor of ursing course, and is taking courses for paramedics.

David Lawrence is a heavy equipment operator.

Evelyn has been employed since 1989 as ActivityNolunteer Coordinator at the Erickson District Health Centre.


Pax Crawley died in March 1986 at the age of 84 years. His wife, Edith, 97, has lived in the Minnedosa Personal Care Home since June 1986.

DougLas and Carolyn's daughter, Jane, married Jeff Alex of Minnedosa in 1994. They have one daughter, Serena. Jane works as a Teacher's Aide at Rapid City. They live on an acreage just out of Minnedosa and raise