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served 2 tenus as mayor. His greatest pleasure and accom­ plishment in all his community endeavors was being a part of the committee to bring water on tap and flush toilets to all of Erickson.

Mum was active in the Erickson Hospital Aid and Legion Auxiliary. She was well known for her beautiful quilting and crocheting and any new pattern was a chal­ lenge she enjoyed. For years, Mum played bingo from a spot in the canteen where she volunteered at the Thursday night Legion Bingo.

Dad passed away January 4, 1983, after a lengthy illness. Mum moved into a duplex and remained active in the community, passing away suddenly on April 4, 1993. They both happily lived to enjoy both grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Their final resting place is in the family plot in the Erickson Cemetery.

Barry, May, Betty, Wilma, Josie and John

Their family includes:

Josie Pilchar, predeceased by her husband, John, in 1985, has spent most of her life in Brandon. Their family consists of:

David married Kim and they have 3 girls, Shannon, Gerilyn and Ashley. They live in Kamloops, Be.

Janet married Arnold Horan. They have 2 children, Tanya and Cory, and reside in Aldersgrove, BC.

Sandra married John Donahoe. They have 3 sons:

John Jr., Travis and Kyle, all who live in Brandon.

Robert married Simone. They have 2 daughters, Bobbi and Carlee. They live in Brandon.

May Scott (Turner) is the second daughter of Jack and Isla Cutter. After leaving Erickson, she lived in Neepawa and Newdale. In 1997 she moved to Chilliwack, Be. Both David and Brenda finished their education in Neepawa.

David moved to Saskatchewan with road constrnc­ tion and is now living in Regina. He has a stepdaughter, Theresa, and a grandson, Cole. Brenda spent a number of years in Yellowknife, NWT. She is now living in Calgary and has worked for Canada Post for twenty-five years.

Betty Wilson (Erickson) after years in northern Manitoba, and seventeen years in southern Manitoba, decided to return to Erickson after retiring. She has 2 chil­ dren. Myrna married Bob Smith and they have 3 children:

Becky, Sacha and Shane. They live in Russell. Murray married Julie. They have a son, Austin, and live in Odessa, Texas.

John, after Dad's death, made his home with mum until her passing, and has remained in Erickson. He has six children:

Marne married Larry KrusheJnisky. They have 2 sons, Gerrod and Graden. They live in Onanole.

Jackie attends university in Winnipeg and lives with her son, Andre.

Chris married Heather and they have 3 boys. They make their home in Duchess, AB.

Dawn married Carl. They have 4 children and make their home at Piapot, SK.

lona and her daughter, Ashley, and grandchildren, make their home in Ontario.

Michelle and son, Chase, make their home III Brandon.

Barry, born in Mrs. Biczo's Nursing Home in Erickson, attended school in Erickson and one year at St. Joseph's College in Y orkton, SK. Barry went to Kitimat, BC in 1967 and worked for Alcan for eight years. Barry

. married Audrey Pres sacco in 1970 in Kitimat, Be. They had two children: Wayne, born in 1971, and Barbra, born in 1973. In 1975, they moved to Hinton, AB where he was employed by Cardinal River Coals as a heavy equipment operator. Wayne graduated from school in Hinton. He is now working for the Pulp Mill in Hinton and spends his days off in Edmonton. Barbra graduated from school in Hinton, then went to the University of Calgary, where she graduated. She now lives in Calgary where she works for CP Rail in the head office. Barbra married Scott White in 1999.

Wilma was born and raised in Erickson and has lived her entire life here. She married Brent Jacobson and they have two children: Kelly Dawn and Blair Daniel. (See Jacobson, Ernes0.

Wilma married Abram Braun. Abram was born in Rhineland Municipality and has 5 children from a previ­ ous marriage: Brian (Debbie), Judith (Ken Busch), Audrey (Lance Halliday), Clyde and Gerald.


Ivy and Lloyd continued to make their home in Eirckson since the passing of her father in 1983. They purchased Bill Earley's Drng Store building and operated a TV Sales and Service with new and used furniture for five years. The building was then sold and turned into a Hair Care Centre. The TV Service continued at their resi­ dence until Lloyd retired in 1995.

Dwain and Diane MacDonald of Sardis now have two sons: David Neil, born in 1979; and Darek Alan, born in 1988.

Gary and Kimberley (divorced) now are grandpar­ ents. Robyn and Chris Mead have a daughter, Taylor