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paint horses. Lois lives in Brandon and works for the Alzheimer's Society.

Rosemary and Den's son, Garry, lives in Riverside, MB and works in Winnipeg for Unique Concepts as an engineering technologist. Greg is living in Winnipeg and works at Mother's Music, after having spent more than nine years on the road with the' See Spot Run' band, as a light­ ing and sound technician. Heather married Chris Retzlaff in 1993. They have 2 children, Staci and Shane, and live in Neepawa. Donna still lives at home and is employed as a Teacher's Aide at the Rossburn Elementary School. She plans to go to University in the fall of 2000 to get her Teacher's Degree. Rosemary has worked for the last twelve years as Activity Director at the Rossburn Personal Care Home.

Harry and Gwen now have three children: Joe, Caitlin and Hugh. Joe lives at home and works at ARC Industries in Beausejour. Caitlin lives near Morris, MB and is driv­ ing trncks to points in the USA. Hugh is still at home, near Oakbank, MB, and attends school.

Editor S Note: Edith Mary Crawley passed away October 28, 2000 at Minnedosa PCH.


Georgina Cutter, nee Lamb, came to live in Erickson on October 19, 1959, at the ripe old age of 17, right after she and John were married in Birch River. John was work­ ing as a plumber in Thompson, MB. On March 14,1960, Marne was born. In June they moved to The Pas to be closer to John. June 10, 1961, Jackie Lynn was born. After a short stint in Dauphin, they moved back to Erickson where John worked for Pete Winder, putting water works into people's homes. On November 08, 1962, Christopher was born. John was hired as town foreman. On December 31, 1963, Dawn Faye was bom. On Febrnary 17,1965, lona was born. Then, last but not least, on July 26, 1966, Michelle was born. The children all went to school in Erickson. In 1978 Georgina left John and went to live with George Cuny George was from Guelph, ON. He came to Erickson in 1971 as a 20-year-old university student, study­ ing ducks for Gordon Hammell, who was also from the U of Guelph. George bought the Ervin Kopeechuk farm in 1974. He worked nine years for the Fresh Water Institute on the Rainbow Trout Project, planting and harvesting the trout in several area potholes. George quit the fisheries when the camp closed down and he would have been trans­ ferred to Winnipeg. George and Georgina became Dusty Creek Ranch, with Chris and his best friend, Russell Amyote, as guides. They took out overnight guests, mostly school groups, for seven seasons. During the winter they did relief milking for dairy fanners needing a holiday. They quit the trail riding business when insurance became

too hard to get, and expanded the relief milking instead. They are also involved in catering, raising chickens and rainbow trout.

Georgina's children are fairly scattered. Marne and Larry and two sons, Jared and Braedon, live in Onanole. Jackie and son, Andre, live in Winnipeg. Chris and Heather and sons, Kyle, Vince and Steven, live in Duchess, AB. Dawn and Carl and children, Rhyse, Eve and Anu, live in a lovely church in Piapot, SK. lana is in Kitchener; her daughter, Ashley, lives in Toronto with her two children, Ethan and Taylor. lona's son, Devon, lives in Edmonton. Her daughter, Brittany, lives in Carberry. Michelle and her son, Chase, live in Brandon. George and Georgina enjoy the energy they get from the grandchildren and treasure the time spent together.


Jack and Isla Cutter 50th Anniversary 1978

Jack and Isla Cutter came to Erickson from Brandon in 1947 with 3 of their 4 children. Josie, their oldest child, remained in Brandon. May, Betty and John were enrolled in Erickson School. Their youngest son and daughter, Barry and Wilma, were born in Erickson.

The village of Erickson immediately became home as they both were involved in community organizations and part of the town's planning toward the future.

Dad served on the school board, was an active member of the Legion and a charter member of the Erickson Lions Club. He was on the town council and