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Ruth, Clifton and Linda Blake and Amber Eden


In our family, there have been many changes SInce 1984 - children have been born, have grown up, and some have families of their own.

Enoch passed away in January 1988, while we were still living in Pitt Meadows, Be. Later, I moved to Vernon, BC, where I still reside.

Eileen Maxim still lives in Winnipeg. Her husband, John, passed away in 1999. Her son, Don, wife Carol, and children Kelly and Donald live in Calgary. Ken, Debbie, and girls, Leslie and Carlie live in Winnipeg. Lori and Gordon Bakaluk and their children Steven and Bailey also reside in Winnipeg.

Eidlyn and John Korberg live in Vernon, BC as do their family. Kerry and Sharyn and children, Bret, Kelsie and Jaeden, are all still at home. Kevin and Marina and youngest son, Conner, are still in Vernon. Their son Jessie is working in Edmonton, and their daughter Alissa is in Vancouver. Karyn and Jack Pififer live in Vernon.

Eireene Brown moved to Vernon in 1993. Her family - Cathy, a nurse, and Douglas Nicholls, a mechanical draftsman, live in Y orkton, SK. Their son, James, is a welder in Regina, and their daughter, Karla, is going to university in Edmonton. Connie works in a bank, and her husband, Roger Moody, is a foreman in a food processing

plant. They live in Mission, Be. Their family - Michael is a machinist. He, his wife, Josie, and daughter, Olivia, live in Mission. David and Mark are still at home. Rick Brown is a mill right in Kelowna and his wife, Angela, works in a bank. Their children - Christine, Jason, and Karly, are all still at home. Kim and David, a chef, and their son, Ryan, live in Calgary.


Mary English passed away on September 10, 1978 and Arthur on April 19, 1980.

Daughter, Joyce, and her husband, Ronald Johnson, have been married 43 years. Joyce retired from Brandon General Hospital in 1989. Ron and Joyce continue to reside in Forrest, MB.

Stanley and his wife, Anne, enjoyed many years together until Stan's untimely passing on December 30, 1997. Son, Terry, and daughter, Jo-Anne, reside with their families in Brandon. Terry and Donna have two sons:

Shane, born December 14, 1996; and Brendan, born Febrnary 14, 1998. Jo-Anne and Don have a daughter, Samantha, born April 11, \99l. Anne continues to live and work in Brandon and enjoys many hours spent with her grandchildren.


Effie continued to reside in her home at Crestview Place in Onanole until her passing on May 28, 1990. She was laid to rest beside Olaf in Danvers Cemetery. Warm memories of a good cup of coffee, great food and enlight­ ening conversations remain with family and friends.

Arden and Jean continue to reside on the homestead at NW 6-\9-\8 in the R.M. of Park (previously known as the LGD of Park). Arden retired from his job as Equipment Supervisor at Riding Mountain National Park in 1989. Arden enjoys spending time in his shop tinkering with machinery and maintaining the yard. Together he and Jean continue to enjoy the grandchildren and are more than happy to be of assistance when any of the four children call upon them. Their four children are as follows:

Ardis Sigurdson moved to Brandon in 1988 with her two daughters, Brianna (born April 6, 1983) and Juta (born October 11, 1985). Having completed her training as a Licensed Practical Nurse, she worked for a time at the Hospital in Rivers, before accepting a job at the Brandon Sun. She is currently employed in the Advertising Department, utilizing the skills form the Commercial Art Course she took at ACC many years earlier. Brianna and Jutta presently attend school in Brandon.

Arlene married Gordon Allen of Carman, MB in September 1992. They reside in Russell, MB. Arlene's oldest child, Kelly Minty, attended school in Dallas, Texas,