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Onanole and Major Pratt School in Russell, from which he graduated in 1998. Tragically, on August 14, 1998, he was killed in a motor vehicle accident. His kind heart, his quick wit and his gift of doing impressions remains as our own family legacy. Delene Minty was born on August 27, 1986. She attends school at Major Pratt in Russell and has a unique gift of dancing and has taken lessons in Ballet and Jazz in her spare time.

Brenda (Vaughn) Ullberg: (See Ullberg, Vaughn and Brenda)

Craig Erickson graduated from Erickson Collegiate in 1987. In September 1991, he married Crystal Bialas of Onanole. They also reside on the homestead of 6-19-18NW. They have two children: Maria, born June 12, 1992, and Travis, born September 27, 1994. Craig is employed by Minty's Moving and Crystal operated a Daycare from her home.

Lloyd and Germaine. When Lloyd retired from the Brandon Recreation Centre in 1986, they purchased 7 acres of the south quarter of the homestead of Olaf and Effie. Here they had a couple of ponies and enjoyed the surround­ ings of the wildlife and the outdoors. Due to ill health, they returned to Brandon. Lloyd passed away on September 6, 1994 and is buried in Danver's Cemetery. Germaine contin-

ues to reside in Brandon.


Dale Edward Ewasiuk was born in Erickson on July 29, 1961, the youngest son of Peter and Gertrnde Ewasiuk. He completed high school in 1979.

In 1982 he completed a boilermaker apprenticeship at NAIT in Edmonton, AB. He worked for CNR for 19 years as a carman, mostly in Northern Be.

He moved to Hilltop in 1998 and in 1999 completed an arborist course at the University of Manitoba. In 1998 he started a business, Nordic Welding and Tree Trimming. In December 1999 he moved to Lake Audy to start a tree farm.

EWASIUK, PETER AND GERTRUDE (Refer to Page 357, Volume 1 ~ 1Q ful.i.U.

After moving to their farm in the Lake Audy District III 1975, they started a mixed grain and cattle ranch, rais­ ing mainly purebred charolais. Peter worked for the Department of Highways every summer until he retired in 1992. Gertrnde continued to look after the cattle, grow a big garden and work as a cook in various restaurants in Clear Lake. Gertrnde is still employed as chief cook and bottle washer for Jim Dudman at the Lakewood Hills Golf Course in Onanole, MB. In 1993, Gertrnde purchased a home at 57-1 st Street NE, formerly owned by Metro

Maximchuk, next to Parkland Home, where she now resides.

Dale, Calvin, Gertrude, Pete, Clarence and Sandra

They have four children.

Clarence was born Febrnary 26, 1953. He is now living in Winnipeg and has two sons, Michael and Joseph. He is working for Coca-Cola.

Calvin was born July 22, 1954. He lives in Crawford Park with his wife, Joanne, and two sons. Jacob was born April 11, 1983 and Nathan was born March 30,1986. Both are attending Erickson Collegiate.

Sandra Pastershank was born April 26, 1956. She has a daughter, Kelly Rae, born August 11, 1982 and a son, Luke, born December 14, 1983. They now live in Winnipeg.

Dale was born July 29, 1961. He is single. (See Ewasiuk, Dale Edward)

FRANKIW FAMILY Submitted by Theresa Kramer

John Frankiw was born in Lviv, Poland on September 14, 1919. His parents were Peter and Frances Frankiw. He had 4 sisters. One sister died in infancy. John went to school in the morning and in the afternoon he took an apprenticeship in blacksmithing. He had Grade 10 educa­ tion. He also worked in the mines but could not get used to it. He went to different countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Russia. He learned to speak German, Italian, some Russian, French and also Polish. While gone from home, he lost contact with his family. He found out his Dad, Peter, had died in 1939 and his mother, Frances, died in 1942. He missed his parent's funerals because he could not get back to Lviv, Poland as it was under Russian rnle. While the war was on he never did find out ithis sisters were alive or deceased.