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from his own business. Their children are scattered across Canada.

Scott married Brenda Begin from Redverse, SK. They reside in Winnipeg where Scott is Director of Client Services for the Department of Public Works in the Federal Government. Brenda is an Administration Assistant for the Royal Bank.

Keith married Donna Verhash from Winnipeg. They live in Peterborough, ON, where Keith is Vice-President of Nesbitt Bums for Peterborough and area. Donna is a Court Reporter. They have two children: Ashley, born on June 30, 1986; and Myles, born on March 25, 1990.

Janice is married to James Dunn, and they reside in Nanaimo, Be. James is a lawyer for King Sutton Barristers and Solicitors. Janice is a psychiatric nurse and is the program coordinator for the Seniors Social Activation Program. They have two sons: Isaac, born on June 24, 1994; and Drew, born on March 4, 1996.

Marland and Cathy moved to Countryside Estates, on the outskirts of Clear Lake, a few years before they retired. They enjoy camping, travelling and watching their sons curl.


Alex was born in Rama, SK. He moved to the Erickson area in 1959. Charlene is the daughter of Harry and Ruth Brewer. She and Alex married on July 13, 1974. In May 1973, they purchased Bill Prosak's farm, NW 9- 18-18, which is hay and grain land. Alex works out in the summer and fall months for the mining industry. Charlene works part-time as a clerk in Erickson Co-op.


John was born in Rama, SK, on March 8, 1940, where he attended school. In 1958, John moved with his family to a farm just north of Erickson where he farmed with his father and his brothers until 1969. John then got a job at the Nordic Inn working as a bartender. John then met Dorothy Roshka (daughter of William and Olga Rosbka) and they were married in Erickson on July 25, 1970. They moved to Thompson, MB, where John was employed with Inco. In 1971, they moved back to Erickson, where they now live. John and Dorothy purchased a home at 35-1st Street SW along with lots 31 and 33, where they currently reside. In 1972, John took up employment with Ken Beatty Construction, where he is presently employed. On May 1, 1994, John and Dorothy purchased a restaurant from Wong's (formerly Andy's Cafe) and are operating a success­ ful family restaurant known as JD's Family Dining. John and Dorothy had three children.

Steven John was born on Febrnary 7, 1972. Steven graduated from ECI in 1990, and entered the work force as a cook. He thenjoined the Canadian Armed Forces and served time in Bosnia as a peacekeeper. Upon his return, he spoke with several assemblies relating his experiences. On August 30, 1997, Steve and Tara Elliott were married. They have one son, Dade William James, born December 7, 1999. Steven and family are currently residing in Erickson, where Steven is employed as a cook at JD's Family Dining, as an ambulance attendant, a volunteer fire fighter, and as the Animal Control Officer,

They reside at 58 Center Avenue, which Steve purchased in 1995.

Darren William was born on April 9, 1972. Darren also attended ECI, then joined the family business. He moved to Brandon, and went to work at Perth's Dry Cleaning. He met Shannon McLean, and they were married on July 27, 1996. They purchased a house at 130 Park Street in Brandon in 1997. They are both presently employed at Perth's in Brandon.

Laureen Nicole was born on September 28, 1977.

Laureen graduated from ECI in 1995. She then went on to further her education at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB, where she graduated with a diploma in Interior Design in 1998. She is currently residing in Erickson and is work­ ing as a cook at JD's Family Dining. She plans to obtain her degree in Interior Design from the U of M within the next few years.


Much has happened in the Gilleshammer Family since the publication of ~.!Q.Eililil in 1984. Olav and Karly continued to live in their home after Olav's retire­ ment in 1965. They lived in Erickson throughout the 1980's and for most of the 90's. During that time, they cared for their property, taking great pride in keeping their house and yard in immaculate condition. Their garden and their rose bushes were always a source of enjoyment to them.

Olav and Karly traveled less, but looked forward to frequent visits from their immediate family and, on occa­ sion, visits from nieces and nephews of their extended family in Norway. In the year 2000, there are two broth­ ers of Olav's in Norfiord, Norway, and there are no remaining siblings of Karly IS.

The Lutheran Church was an important part of their lives, and hardly a Sunday passed that they didn't make the short walk to the llam service.

Olav continued to drive in the local area until the mid 90's when he not only gave up his driver's license, but also gave his car to one of his grandchildren. Though they had to depend on others for transportation, Olav and Karly were able to walk to church, to the post office, and to the grocery store. In June 1998, after a short illness, Olav, in