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He found out people from Canada were looking for willing workers to come to work for them. He put his name in and was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. W. Shwaluk and family of Oak burn, MB. In the year of 1950 he came over on a big boat and landed on the East Coast. He did not know English, only Polish. He picked up a few English words, enough to get by. When he came to Oakburn he worked on the farm doing a lot of chores and getting used to a different way of life. He took lessons to speak and to write English.

Mary and John Frankiw with grandson, Joseph Jr. Frankiw

In 1951 John started to work for Mr. and Mrs. Walter

Hachkowski of Strathclair, as a blacksmith. While In

Strathclair, he met Mary Shmyr. They were married August 18, 1952. Mary is the daughter of William and Nastia Shmyr of Harrod, MB. Mary has 4 sisters and 1 brother. Mr. and Mrs. John Frankiw lived in Strathclair for awhile. While there, a daughter, Theresa, was born on March 27, 1953.

They read in a paper about a Blacksmith Shop in

Erickson. John and Walter came to check the place out, bought the shop and John moved his family to Erickson in 1955. A son, Joseph, was born on March 2, 1955. Then, 2 years later another son, Michael, was born on November 27, 1957. John continued to be a blacksmith in Erickson. The children of John and Mary went to school in Erickson.

After many years as a blacksmith he retired. While retired he enjoyed many things such as travelling, fishing, music and his family.

Their son, Michael, left home to work in Assiniboia, SK on the CPR. and worked there for sometime. Michael met Sherry Marcenko and they were married May 19, 1979. Michael and Sherry lived in Assiniboia, SK and started their family there. Nicki Dawn was born on March 17, 1981. Then two years later, another daughter, Kara, was born on June 3,1983. Michael and Sherry now live in Red Deer, AB.

John and Mary's other son, Joseph, in Winnipeg as a computer programmer

lived and worked in a bank. Joseph

met Darlene Kaskiw of Winnipeg. They were married on July 5, 1981 in Winnipeg. They lived there for a while and had a son, Joseph, Jr., on August 17, 1982. Then Joe was transferred to Pierrefonds, Quebec. A son, Timothy, was born on February 24, 1984. Joseph was then transferred to Toronto. They now live in Burlington, ON. Another son, Daniel, was born on September 19, 1986. They enjoy Burlington and hope to be there for awhile.

John and Mary's daughter, Theresa, has lived in Erickson for 46 years. She has worked at different jobs such as baby-sitting, bar waitress and home care. She married Richard Kramer on July 10, 1982. Richard was employed at Parkwood Auto. A daughter, Margarette, was born on May 26, 1983. Then two years later, a son, Michael, was born on February 4, 1985. The grandparents were thrilled and tried to spoil all the grand kids.

Back row: Sherry, Michael Frankiw, Richard and Theresa Kramer; Joseph and Darlene Frankiw Seated: Timothy Frankiw, John Frankiw, Michael Kramer, Nicki Frankiw, Joseph Jr. Frankiw, Margarette Front: Daniel and Kara Frankiw

Mary Frankiw took sick and died at home on November 30, 1993. John Frankiw took sick and passed away in the Miunedosa Hospital on October 29, 1999.

John became a Canadian citizen while living here. Mary's dad, William, died in 1922 and her mother, Nastia (Nellie), died in 1965. They are buried in Rackham, MB.


The Furevick family has grown In number SInce 1984, but has only one member to carryon the Furevick name - Myles, son of Keith.

Marland and Cathy are both retired. Cathy retired in 1995 from Parks Canada and Marland, the following year,