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in Girl Guides for 3 years. Their family was also blessed with the birth of Skylar Kelly, born May 15, 1996. She is the daughter of Learm's daughter, Kelly, and Alan and Learm have had custody of Skylar since her birth. Being an active 5-year-old, she talks constantly and is a very lovable individual. She will be starting Kindergarten In the fall of 2000.

Spring (9), Ashley (8) and Skylar (3) Taken at Easter 1998

At the last family writing, our son, Dale Michael, was only in 6th grade. He moved to Brandon and received his High School Diploma from ACe. After working a few years in Brandon, he ventured out west to Calgary, AB. He is presently working for Petro-Can Truck Stop as an assis­ tant manager. His pride and joy are his 3 nieces; Tina, Ashley (his Godchild) and Skylar, of whom he is very proud. He is still looking and hoping for the girl of his dreams.

John's mother, Tennie, has passed her nnd birth­ day. After living at Parkland Home for over 25 years, she moved to Peter Able Place where she was a resident for 5 years. In March 1999, she moved to the Sandy Lake

ursing Home.

Editor S Note: Tennie passed away May 3, 2000.


Kenneth and I (Doris) have enjoyed numerous trips to the Danvers and Erickson Districts and other places in Manitoba, to visit families and friends. I feel especially fortnnate to have been able to spend time where I grew up and at the 'home farm' which is still in family hands.

Our travels have been mainly visits to the Muuros (see below) as they were transferred by their mission. In October 1983, we went to Adana, Turkey. Together we toured a number of ancient sites that included five of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. We went to Port Colborne in July 1989, where we had our first sight of the Weiland Canal and Niagara Falls. In September 1993, we went to London, England. During that trip, on September 29, we had the pleasure and priv­ ilege of walking through the 14 rooms in Buckingham Palace, which were open to the public. The charge was $11.00 Canadian. We also visited two of Kenneth's COUSInS in West Haddon, Northampton.

In July 1995, we attended my Winnipeg Normal School Rennion for the Jnne 1945 graduates. It was held at Portage la Prairie to be more accessible for those not familiar with Winnipeg.

Family Photo (1995)

Back row: Ric M., Beth M .. , John M .. , Ernie F, Gerald P, Blanche P, and Levi P

Front row: Darlene M., David M., Kenneth A., Doris A., Dara F, Lorraine F, Jared P, and Grady P

In May 1997, we moved within the city of Red Deer, to Adult Commnnity Living. We enjoy being here and the work load has decreased.

We attended the Homecoming for the Rural

Mnnicipality of Lawrence in Manitoba in July 1997. It was held in the town of Rorketon. I had taught for the Rorketon School District in 1944.

In 1983, Ric and Darlene Muuro were living In Adana, southern Turkey, and working as Christian mISSIOn­ aries to the Muslim people living aronnd them. Their third and final child, David, was born there on a very hot summer day. David was a child who loved noise and enjoyed being lulled to sleep by the sonnd of the washing machine. The sonnds and smells of a middle eastern conntry were 'home' to him as his parents worked with converts from Islam to Christianity.