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Blaise, born December 1998; Trevor, born May 1982, Kathleen, born August 1986, Johanna, born April 1991, Geoffrey, born September 1993 and Yvonne, born July 1996.

Gerald and his wife, Myrna (Purdon), married September 9, 1981, a lab technician, live and work in Edmonton. They have four children: Jarrett, born November 1988, Joel, born September 1991, Megan, born November 1993 and Noelle, born December 1996. Carmen, a home­ maker, married Clifford Allen on December 28, 1983. Clifford works for Telus in Calgary. They have seven chil­ dren: Patrick, born May 1984, Siobban, born January 1986, Matthew, born Febmary 1988, Annemarie, born May 1990, Gregory, born September 1992, Xavier, born April 1995 and Gemma, born July 1997.

Sharon, a teacher with Calgary Separate Board of Education, married Steve Dudar on July 31, 1982. Steve is a recent engineering graduate, who works for Chief Construction. They have three children: Geneveve, born June 1983, Samantha, born September 1985 and Paul, born September 1988.

Judith is married to John Ravenhill who is retired from Sun-Rype in Kelowna. In their supposed retirement, they mn a bed and breakfast, a decorating business and are overseas volunteers. Judy's three sons: Christopher, a psychiatric social worker with remand and his wife, Julie­ Ann, whom he married on October 10, 1987, live in Whitehorse with their three children: Stephan, born May 1985, Justin, born Febmary 1988 and Amber, born March 1989.

Graham lives and works in Calgary. His children, Nicole and David, live with their mother, Michelle.

Daniel lives in Calgary and is working toward certi­ fication in computer technology.

Daniel Stuart Gusdal, son of Mary and Arthur Gusdal, was born in Erickson on April 27, 1944.After a career in teaching and coaching, Danny retired in June, 1999, as Social Studies Department Head at Wetaskiwin Composite High School in Wetaskiwin, AB. Judith Marie Gusdal, daughter of Hilltop's Astrid and Robert Johnson, was born in Minnedosa, MB, on April 20,1945. Judy is currently Vice-Principal at Parkdale Elementary School in Wetaskiwin, AB.

Judy and Danny have two children and two beauti­ ful granddaughters! Judy and Danny's daughter, Tanya Marie, born on April 2, 1968, is married to Darryl Calkins. They have a daughter, Annika Marie who was born on September 7,1999. They live in Edmonton, AB, where Tanya teaches at Glenora Elementary School, and Darryl works as a Technician for Pace Industrial Refrigeration. Danny and Judy's son, Jeffrey Daniel, born on June 11, 1969, is married to Hanae Kiyooka. Their daughter, Emi Shea, was born on March 26, 1999. They live in Edmonton, AB. Jeffrey is a medical doctor practicing at the Justik

Clinic near the University of Alberta Hospital, and Hanae teaches High School French Immersion classes at Spmce Grove High School.

Wendy will retire from her Principalship with Regina Public School Board in June 2000. Her husband, Elliott, died in October 1994. She expects to move to Calgary where her eldest son, Brent, lives and works for Norte\. His wife, Laura Laird, whom he married August 2, 1998, teaches with the Calgary Board of Education. They are expecting their first child in June 2000.

Second son, Scott, is a professional hockey player, now with the Sheffield Steelers in Great Britain. He married Michelle Drohan, a bank executive, on June 29, 1996. They have one son, Samuel Elliott, born September 9, 1999.

Editor SNote: Brent and Laura's first child, Tessa Jane, was born June 18,2000.


Back row: Steven Doak, Jim Doak, Roger Hamilton, Darrel Hamilton, and Irving Gusdal

Center row: Karen Doak, Kristin Doak, Heather Hamilton, Norma Hamilton, Deanne Gusdal, Jeffrey Gusdal, Lindsey Gusdal

Front row: Laraine Hamilton, Evelyn Gusdal, Adina Gusdal and Roland Krantz

Adina moved to Winnipeg in August 1983. She continued to spend many enjoyable hours with her chil­ dren and grandchildren, sharing her wisdom and craft expertise with each of them. She traveled extensively to make this possible. She passed away on January 7, 1999. We will all treasure the many family gatherings and memo­ ries of her life.

Evelyn Janette continued to teach with the Edmonton schools until her retirement in 1993. She then moved to Winnipeg so she could spend time with her mother and be closer to other family members. She worked at MacPhee