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Anton (July 16, 1878 - September 16, 1917) Ragna (February 8, 1878 - May 3, 1933)

Anton and Ragna immigrated to Canada from Norway, settling in the Rural Municipality of Clan william. Their burial place is at the Scandinavia Cemetery.

Their children: Magnus Antonsen, April 25, 1901 to December 24, 1980, buried at the Erickson Cemetery; Martha (Shellboru) January 25, 1903 to April 26, 1995, buried at Maple Ridge, BC (See Shell boru, Roy and Martha); lngeborg (Sandberg) November 19, 1905 to November 16, 1998, buried in Winnipeg, MB; Gudrun (Gustafson) March 2, 1908 - December 1994, buried at Erickson Cemetery, (See Gustafson, Bert and Gudrun); Ruth (Holmberg) September 30, 1912 - January 8, 1940, buried at Erickson Cemetery.


Arthur was boru December 6, 1902 III Benson, Minnesota and passed away June 25,1982 in Erickson, MB. Mary Merrell was boru May 22, 1906 in Killaruey, MB and passed away January 22, 1994 in Erickson, MB. Arthur and Mary were married October 5, 1929.

Arthur died after suffering two strokes. He would have been 80 on his next birthday. Mary was 87 when she died due to heart valve failure. The valve had been implanted when she was 65. Valve failure was due to scar­ let fever when she was 8 years old. She carried nine children to term with a defective valve.

After Art's death, Mary and Fay moved to Erickson.

Mary was active in church, WI., the Senior Centre and visit­ ing her family all over Canada.

Mary and Arthur had 9 children; 26 grandchildren; 42 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild to December 1999; a total of 78 descendants.

Merril is retired, in Ottawa, and lives with his son, Shawn, who works at Loblaws, in the summer, and winters in Florida where his passion is ocean fishing. Merril's eldest daughter, Sonja, has a home business in specialty foods. Her husband, Doug La Roqui, whom she married July 1, 1989, is in computers and their daughter, Michelle was boru in August 1990. Sindy continues her career in nursing and has two sons. Spawn (Steve), who is self employed, married Tracy Thompson October 3, 1992. Tracy works for the RCMP. They have two children: Scott, boru September 1995, and Robert, boru May 1997. Shayne lives in Vancouver and works in making movies.

Fay Gusdal continued to work in the Municipal Office ending her career as Administrator. Fay took a disability pension before retiring in 1996. She lives in the Erickson

trailer court and enjoys golf, bridge and reading. She spends part of the winter in Arizona with her sister, Marilyn, and her husband, Herb. Fay is an active member ofthe Lutheran Church in Erickson and Arizona.

Jean died September 11, 1981. She is buried beside Art and Mary. Her son, Ron, is a computer systems designer and was married October 4, 1970 to Theresa Gray, who handles insurance for her employer. They live in Calgary, as does Ron's sister, Bonnie, who has a career with Alberta Social Services. Bonnie's husband, Keith Cain, whom she married September 3, 1994, is a detective with Calgary Police Services. Their first child is Megan, boru February 1999.

Allan retired as a Royal Bank manager in Winnipeg and, following various managerial positions, is now a real­ tor. His wife, Doreen, is retired from the University of Manitoba as an executive secretary. Al and Doreen have their cottage in the Whiteshell with winter visits to the south.

Their eldest son, Dean, continues to work in construc­ tion between Canada and Germany. His son is Tanner, boru January 1989.

Alan and Doreen's oldest daughter, Jo-Ann, is an executive with the Royal bank. She and her businessman husband, Patrick Laidlaw, whom she married August 22, 1980, have 2 children: Reid, boru August 1986 and Laura, boru April 1989.

Alan and Doreen's son, Bradley, is completing his accountancy working in retail. His wife, Kim Stammen, whom he married June 20, 1987, is a teacher. They have two children: Erik, boru December 1992, and Hayley, boru August 1995.

Alan and Doreen's son, Guy, lives in Vancouver and works in the Vancouver City Planning Department.

Jane, Alan and Doreen's youngest daughter, lives in Ste. Anne's, MB, with her two children: Sean, boru August 1992 and Lydia, boru January 1996.

Their youngest son, Jason, works for the CPR out of Winnipeg.

Marilyn has retired as a learning specialist with the Calgary Board of Education. Herb is retired from univer­ sity teaching. They enjoy having Jean's children, Ron and Bonnie, as a part of their family. Marilyn and Herb organ­ ize two music workshops during their summers in Calgary and spend their winters in Arizona where they enjoy making music and having fun.

Ralph retired from Safeway Meat Department III Calgary and he and his wife, Yvonne (Copps), a retired teacher, now live in Powell River, Be. Ralph enjoys golf, fishing and curling. Yvonne is active in their church.

Annemarie, a homemaker, and her husband, John Webb, also live in Powell River where John works for Fisheries. They were married October 2, 1979. They have SIX children: Meridith, born October 1979, has a son,