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McGavins Bread. Katherine (September 30, 1974) completed her R. N. at Grace Hospital and is at present employed in Texas. Kristen (October 26, 1975) completed her B.s.C. at the University of Manitoba and is working as a trader for a Security Firm in Winnipeg.

Leona (October 15, 1948) and Don (November 19,

1950) continue to live and work in Calgary, AB. Their children: Brent (August 5, 1975) is living in Calgary and working as Building Monitor Operator in a large down­ town building. Myra (May 13, 1977) is attending University

in Calgary - 4th year. David (November 11, 1979) IS

attending Bible School in Texas.

Mervin - (February 1951)


Allan graduated from Erickson Collegiate in 1985 and attended Lethbridge Community College from 1986 to 1990, where he studied Resource Conservation and Enforcement.

Allan worked for Parks Canada as Park Warden from 1989 to 1996 in various parks in western Canada. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Sandra Fingas of Inglis, MB.

Upon leaving Parks Canada, Allan returned to

Erickson and the love of his life, Sandra. Sandra and Allan moved to the Hall family farm and still reside there.

Sandra and Allan married on July 19, 1997 in Inglis, MB. Their son, Eric Austin Hall, was born on March 16, 2000. He is a happy, healthy active boy who delights both his parents and extended family.

Sandra works as a teacher at the Erickson Elementary School and Allan works as a carpenter in the Erickson area.

HALL, GUNNAR AND ANNA Submitted by Judy Elgert

Gunnar, second son of Erik and Elisabet Hall, was born on June 7, 1902 in Sweden. He farmed until his marriage on May 4, 1927 to Anna Rasmina, the eldest daughter of Peter and Olina Paulsen. Anna was born in

Donnelly, Minnesota, on February 10, 1899. She often

talked about the trip the family made north to Canada III \905, the early days of establishing the farm, and her help in raising the family. Gurmar was a grain buyer for the Manitoba Pool Elevators and was assigned to Leighton Siding III 1929, then to Birnie in 1931. The family still resided in Birnie at the time of Gurmar's death in 1945. Anna then returned to Erickson where she took in board-

ers and did dressmaking until her retirement. She was a

Women's Institute member, assisted with the 4-H program and was an active church member. Anna spent the last few years of her life at the Erickson Health Centre Hospital and

Personal Care Home. She passed away March 16, 1999, a month after celebrating her 100th birthday.

Gurmar and Anna had a family of four sons:

Eerie, born 1927. (See Hall, Earle and Helen). Gunner (Bud), born 1931. (See Hall, Gurmar and


Dale, born 1932. (See Hall, Dale and Eileen).

Wayne, born 1939. (See Hall, Wayne and Margaret).


Earle Paulmor, the eldest son of Gurmar and Anna Hall, arrived on June 30,1927. He attended school in Birnie, Erickson, and Eden. Most childhood memones centred around the Birnie area and his children heard many stories about growing up there with the "Birnie gang." Summers

were often spent with the Paulsen grandparents, either at

the farm or at Clear Lake. Earle was confirmed at Bethel Lutheran Church in June 1941. On May 17,1946 he married

Helen Ruby McMillan, born December 31,1922, of

Dauphin, in a very private ceremony and they had three children together. Earle worked at various jobs until 1952 when he joined Manitoba Telephone System, working III Winnipeg, Portage la Prairie, and Brandon. After 35 years of service, he retired in December 1987. In April of 1988, Earle and Helen left on the trip they had been planning all their lives - three months in England. They also spent a great deal of time at their cottage at Ditch Lake. Emphysema confined Earle to the Assiniboine Health Centre in Brandon for more than six year. Helen has spent most of her time, the last few years, at the hospital with Earle. She has many hobbies such as oil painting, putter­ ing in her garden, and sewing for her young grandchildren.

Paulmor Joseph, the eldest son of Earle and Helen, was born on June 29,1947 in Erickson. Due to unusual flooding that year Helen was unable to make it to a hospi­ tal as plauned and Paul was born in the south bedroom of Anna's house. Paul attended school in Winnipeg, Selkirk and Portage la Prairie, but most childhood memories centre around West Kildonan in Winnipeg and teenage stuff around Portage. After the family moved to Brandon, Paul held several jobs before becoming an electrical apprentice at Brandon General Hospital. As a result, he attended Keewatin Community College III The Pas, MB. It was while he was living there that he met Janice Elaine Ogletree, born August 26,1952, and on July 1, 1 972, they were married. Shortly after that, they moved to Snow Lake and from there to Brandon before moving to Mackenzie, BC in 1979. Currently they live in Quesnel, BC where Paul is employed with Weldwood of Canada as a maintenance electrician and Janice works for the Government ofBC III the Quesnel Government Agents Office as Deputy Gold Commissioner and Senior CSR. Paul and Janice have one son, Daryl Edwin, born March 5, 1975, in The Pas. Daryl