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attended school in Mackenzie and Quesnel. After high school, he went on to college taking a course on computer systems. He is now working in Maple Ridge, BC.

William Peter, second son of Earle and Helen, was born September 10, 1950. Billie, as he was affectionately called, was born with cystic fibrosis. At the time, little was known about the disease and doctors were unable to do a lot for him. He was enjoyed by the family for six years and passed away on October 26, 1956.

Judith Charlene, only daughter of Earle and Helen, was born November 12,1959. Judy attended school in Portage la Prairie and Brandon. After high school, she went to Winnipeg to the University of Manitoba, receiv­ ing her Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree, majoring in accounting, in May 1983. Judy obtained a job with a Winnipeg hotel chain called Hospitality Corporation of Manitoba Inc., in the summer of 1983, and worked her way up to Assistant Comptroller after only three years. She received her CMA (Certified Management Accountant) designation on October 20, 1990. On May 16, 1992 Judy married Brian David Elgert, born November 29,1957, who received his MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

a week after the wedding. Brian also has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from the University of Manitoba. In 1996, Brian and Judy moved from Winnipeg to Neepawa, MB. Brian now works for Northstar Seed Ltd., as Retail Manager, and Judy works part-time for Meyers, Norris, Penny (a CA finn). Judy and Brian have one son, David Eerie, born September 16,1998, who is the light of their life, and they are expecting another child in August 2000.

Editor S Note: Earle passed away March 9, 2000.


Lome Gunner (Bud), second son of Gunnar and Anna Hall, was born on January 11, 1931 on Grandma and Grandpa Paulsen's farm. "Bud" received his nickname from his older brother Earle who had great difficulty saying the word 'brother'. Memories were of growing up in Birnie and getting into mischief with Dale and the rest of the "Birnie gang." He went to school there and in Erickson. In 1950, he joined the Armed Forces and, as a member of the PPCLl, he fought in the Korean War. While stationed in Vernon, BC, Bud met Margaretta (Rita) Jessie Evoy, born June 28, 1934. After a summer romance, they were married in Kelowna on November 17, 1953 and had three children together. The family did much travelling in those years and lived in such places as Bagotville, Quebec, and Holberg, BC, which is on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Bud served in the RCAF until 1963. After that, Bud and Rita made many moves and had various occupations before settling in Rock Creek. Bud worked for North Arm Transportation until Rita passed away with cancer on

October 13, 1994. Bud continued to live in Rock Creek close to his remaining family.

Susan Glenda, the oldest daughter of Bud and Rita, was born in Vancouver on August 16,1954. On October 25, 1975 Susan married Dale Eek, born on August 18,1947 in Oliver, Be. Susan and Dale had a ranch and a sawmill and logging operation. They had three daughters. Susan passed away with cancer on May 8, 1994. Sara Lorraine, the oldest daughter of Susan and Dale, was born on March 11, 1977, in Oliver, BC and now teaches preschool in Rock Creek. Elizabeth Kathleen, the second daughter of Susan and Dale, was born January 24, 1979, in Oliver, BC and is currently living and working in Oliver. Pamela Susan, the youngest daughter of Susan and Dale, was born on January 10, 1982 in Oliver, BC and is graduating from high school this year.

Lome Gunnar Jr., the eldest son of Bud and Rita, was born August 22, 1957, in Vancouver, Be. After high school graduation, and a year of working in the lumber industry, Gunnar joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1978. He was posted to Calgary and was trained to be a radio technician. On September 27,1980 he married Leslie Gayle (Sam) Smith, born April 15,1958. They lived in Calgary until 1982 when they moved to Rock Creek and became co­ owners of the Rock Creek General Store. Gunnar and Sam have four children: Lindsey Erin, born December 11,1985; Erik Gunnar, born April 18,1987; Thomas James, born on December 17,1989; and Shannon Leslie, born on August 4,1993. The whole family greatly enjoys the outdoors, spending their time skiing, skating, hiking and biking.

Anna Catherine, the youngest child of Bud and Rita, was born May 12, 1966 in Richmond, Be. After graduat­ ing from high school, and a brief year in college, Anna took time off school and worked at various jobs. In 1987 she returned to school and took Business Administration, then went on to university and received her BA in 1995 and her B.Ed. in 1996. She currently works at Grand Forks Secondary School in the Pathfinder lab where students do their courses on a computer (computer aided learning). On May 21,1994, Anna married Ross Lautrad in Rock Creek, BC. They have two sons: Paulsen Tavish, born Febrnary 25, 1995, and Brogan Hamish, born January 31,1997. They currently live in Rock Creek, BC with Ross, a journeyman carpenter, working in logging.

Editor S Note: Bud died April 7,2000.


Dale Stewart, the third son of Gunnar and Anna Hall, was born July 7, 1932 on Grandma and Grandpa Paulsen's fann. Growing up in Birnie, Dale was constantly up to mischief. He always loved a good joke and would fondly recall the time he put an egg in Earle's gumboots. Dale worked at a variety of jobs including driving a mule team