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Russell Tiller 1985-2000



1985 - 2000 Russell Tiller

November 1999 - June 2000 Patsy Kowalick - Deputy Reeve


1985 Lome Kopeechuk, Les Synchyshyn, Orville Berg, Marvin Sillen

1986 Lome Kopeechuk, Les Synchyshyn, Orville Berg, Marvin Sillen

1987 Lome Kopeechuk, Les Synchyshyn, Wendell Johnston, Orville Bert 1988 Lome Kopeechuk, Les Synchyshyn, Wendell Johnston, Orville Berg 1989 Lome Kopeechuk, Orville Berg, Harvey Pengelly, Wendell Johnston

1990 Norval Lee, Orville Berg, Lome Kopeechuk, Harvey Pengelly

1991 Harvey Pengelly, Orville Berg, Norval Lee, Lome Kopeechuk

1992 Harvey Pengelly, Norval Lee, Freda Clow, Orville Berg

1993 Amy McLay, John Whitaker, Norval Lee, Orville Berg

1994 John Whitaker, Norval Lee, Amy McLay, Orville Berg

1996 John Whitaker, Victor Baraniuk, Norval Lee, Melvin Wetteland

1998 Leo W oywada, Victor Baraniuk, Patti Kowalick, Jim Nylen

Secretary - Treasurers:

1984 - 1986 Janet Nylen
1986 - 1988 Ken Jenkins
1989 - 1990 Eruie Epp (Part of the year)
1990 - 1991 Linda Bayliss (Part of the year)
1991 - 1993 Fay Gusdal (Part of the year)
1993 - 1994 Jim orne
1995 - 2000 Colleen Synchyshyn

Council Update:


Council entered into an agreement with the village of Erickson for fire protection services. It was agreed to form ajointly owned and operated fire department, to be known as the Erickson and District Volunteer Fire Department. Council committed $40,650.00 as its share of the agree­ ment.

The expansion of the Municipal Office was approved at a cost of $54,912.00. The successful bid was submitted by Clarence Carter and Son.

A lease was drawn up and registered for the site of a community well on SE 7-18-17. The landowner was paid rent of $200.00 annually.


Council attended the grand opening of the airstrip after it had been given a new base.

Reeve Russell Tiller was appointed to the board of the new hospital.


Council was advised that the construction of a new hospi­ tal had been approved.

Ed Bilkowski, Minnedosa, was appointed as Clerk of the Works for the construction of the new hospital.


A new fire truck was purchased. The Municipal Council's share was $40,500.00.

Council passed a resolution that the Erickson Credit Union be appointed banker for the municipality. The Royal Bank had been their banker in Clanwilliam and, when that branch closed, accounts were moved to Minnedosa. From 1946 to 1989, accounts were handled by the Erickson branch of the Royal Bank.


The Erickson Chamber of Commerce requested Council to take over the operation of the South Ditch Lake Resort