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after several successful years. The reason was that it was getting harder to operate. Council considered the request.


Council investigated the possibility of opening a Veterinary Clinic with the Village of Erickson, R.M. of Harrison and Local District of Park but no final decision was made. Council purchased Pt. SW 31-17- ISWI for a Nuisance Ground and Sanitation Site for the village.

Council passed a bylaw providing for the establishment of a fire agreement with the R.M. of Harrison and the Erickson and District Fire Department.

Council passed a bylaw approving the purchase of 'Jaws of Life Project' for the Erickson and District Fire Department.


Council approved purchase of a new Champion Road Grader.

Beatty Construction was awarded the 1992 tender for gravel as per quote submitted.

The Council approved of the formation of South Ditch Lake Cottage Owners Association and has no objection to their purchase from Crown Lands on condition that public access to the lake is reserved. The property concerned is a parcel in the SW comer of SW 29-1S-1S.

Council expressed a commitment to work in partnership with Riding Mountain National Park and other neighbor­ ing organizations to enhance the present recycling network in the South Riding Mountain area.


Beaver problems in 1992 were very senous and affected farmers who lost hay bales from flooding by dams that had been blown in the RMNP and a plugged culvert that had been opened at Kerrs Lake. The affected farmers agreed to settlement at $10.00 per bale. Compensation, if any, would come from the Canadian Government.

The Village and Rural Council had ajoint meeting and were informed that a new site was required for the Waste Disposal.

Council agreed to finance a new Fire Hall jointly with the Village of Erickson.

Council approved a subdivision on Pt. W1I2 Section 29- IS- IS- WI on property owned by Mervin Hall.


Council approved of holding a community supper in the Rec. Centre on October 19th.

The new Waste Disposal Grounds were officially opened on October 14, 1994.


Pool Elevators donated the Weigh Scales from the closed Erickson Pool Elevator, to be moved beside the Municipal Shed on Sec. 33-17-1S-Wl.

Council purchased a Champion Motor Grader, Model 730A Series, from Querel Equipment.

A motion was passed that council opposes any measures that prohibit or ban any FireArms that are presently or were, prior to January 31,1995, legally owned by regis­ tered owners in Canada.


A bylaw was passed providing for the regulations of the Erickson and District Volunteer Fire Department.

Council purchased a Bush Hog mower for clearing brnsh on municipal roads.

Dr. Addison is going to assist Max Popp, the local veteri­ nanan, while he is on holidays.


A bylaw was passed approvmg the Beatty Subdivision (Ditch Lake) subject to the regulations contained III a development agreement.

The grand opening of the Recycling Depot was held September 26, 1997.


A resolution was passed by Council approving numbering mile roads as the main addressing system for Emergency calls to 91l.

Council authorized a contribution of $500.00 to the Rossburn Trail Association.

It was reported to Council that Manitoba Forestry would be here on June 15, 1995 along with 40 students to plant approximately 6000 trees in a nursery setting at the south­ ern limits of the Town of Erickson as part of the project involving the proposed trail on the rail line.

A resolution was passed that the R.M. of Clanwilliam enter into a rnral gasification feasibility study with the Town of Erickson and R.M. of Park in the amount of $10,000.00 to be cost shared three ways.

Council accepted the Resignation of Carl Robinson as of December 31, 1995, as Public Works Foreman.

Dave Cooley was hired to replace Carl Robinson.


Council passed a resolution sanctioning control oflivestock operations in the municipality.

Council approved the formation and participation III a Community Development Corporation.

A committee attended a council meeting to request clari­ fication as to proceedings leading up to resolution 59-99 passed at the regular meeting of council of April 14, 1999. Concerns raised as to the manner in which the matter was