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married Marge Eden. They had 2 daughters: Sylvia, deceased, and Angela, who lives in Vancouver, BC.

Esther married Lloyd Whiteman of Neepawa, MB and they had 4 children: Linda, Donna, Rod and Bradey. They live in Oshawa, ON.

Doris married Gerald Murray otNeepawa. They had 3 children: Beverly-Anne, James and Richard. Doris and Gerald have both passed away. Beverly-Anne married Richard Voss and they have 2 children, Amy and Johnathan. They live in Winnipeg. James lives in Neepawa, MB. Richard is married to Pat Ernest. They have 3 children and reside in Neepawa, MB.

Twins, Gerald and Geraldine. Gerald married Marlis Whettland and they had 3 children. Gerald has since passed away. Geraldine married Ivan Gunnerson of Onanole. They moved to San Marcos, Texas. They have 3 children: Adele, Kimberly and Curtis. They all still live in Texas. There is one grandchild, Leela, and one on the way.

Delorus married John Edward Stanton of Winnipeg in 1952. John passed away in 1978. They had 7 children. Marilyn married Paul Riese of Selkirk, MB. Their 3 chil­ dren are Christopher, Jordan and Ryan. Arlene married Gerald Geswein of Winnipeg and they have 2 children, Jamie and Michael. Colleen married John Robertson of Winnipeg and they have 4 children, John Jr., Donald, Robbie and Ricki. David lived and worked in Winnipeg for 24 years of his life. David passed away in July of 1982. Steven married Wendy Mizuno of Winnipeg and they now live in Vancouver, Be. Jackie married Dale Sharp of Scandinavia. They have 2 children, Cassidy and Dallas. They reside in Edmonton, AB. Jody married Leor Drory of Winnipeg. They have 2 children, Adam and Ethan. Delorns also has 3 great grandchildren: Jacob, Joshua and Mila.

William, the youngest of the Harrison children, married Irma Worms, They have 3 children. Bill and Irma live in Port Coquitlam, BC.


Sidney, brother of Harold Harrison, and his wife, Olga, were proprietors of the store at Scandinavia from 1923 until they rented it to Clarence and Leona Williams, in 1941-44. Harrisons then sold it to Harold and Livinia Taylor who were the last to rnn the store. Unfortunately, Sidney and Olga Harrison's names are omitted from the cairn that was erected on the site of Scandinavia Store in 1998.


We moved to Erickson in 1992 from Swan River.

Being a RCMP family, we have lived in various commu­ nities throughout Manitoba, including Elphinstone,

Grandview, Swan River and Shammattawa. We have two sons: Troy, 16, and Mitchell, 13. We have enjoyed living in the community and hope to remain here for years to come. Weare from a small town in Saskatchewan and Erickson is very much like home to us.


(Refer to .E.w:l<& .1Q .Eicl.d. pages 414-416)

Kenneth was born March 25, 1932, at Mrs. Bisco's Nursing Home. Upon finishing school, he went to work with a crew building and repairing grain elevators all across the prairies. In 1958, Ken married Maxine Pollon of Onanole, MB, and shortly thereafter moved his bride to Vancouver, BC. He continued working in the constrnction trade, forming his own company in 1966. Ken built the family'S first home in Port Coquitlam in 1961, and then the current home in 1968.

Kenneth passed away December 30, 1999, after a valiant battle against brain cancer. He is buried at the Municipal Cemetery in Erickson.

Kenneth and Maxine's four children are:

Debbie, born on October 16, 1958, resides in Port Coquitlam with her husband Glen Whincup. She is a long time employee with the telephone company.

Derrick, born on December 30,1959, also resides in Port Coquitlam and works for the telephone company. He was a team member with the Rick Hansen "Man In Motion" World Tour, and volunteer coordinator of the first several Terry Fox Hometown Runs in Port Coquitlam.

Lisa, born on June 8, 1965, currently resides in Portland, Oregon. In June 1998, she graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelors Degree in Science. Lisa has achieved much success as a computer consultant forming her own business in 1998. She enjoys travelling and taking trips home to visit family.

Kenneth, born on October 16, 1969, resides in Port Coquitlam. Upon his graduation from high school, Ken joined his dad in the constrnction trade. Father and son enjoyed many happy years working together. Ken has carried on the Hill Construction Company his dad built. Ken is engaged to Nancy Drastil, and the couple plan to marry in the summer of 200l.


Since 1983, there have been some changes III our lives. Maurice retired from the Pool Insurance Co. in 1986. We kept quite active for a few years, but ill health and age have slowed us down considerably. Now, our seven grand­ children and one great grandchild are the greatest joy of our lives. They all live in Alberta, so we make several trips there each summer and at Christmas. They travel here when work permits it.