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Dorothy and Maurice Hogeland with George, Irene and Barb

Our eldest daughter, Irene, has been divorced, taken nurses' training and remarried, and is now Mrs. Monte Durm. They live at Grande Prairie, AB, where Irene works in the dialysis unit at the regional hospital. Her daughter, Heather, with her son, Samuel, lives in Grande Prairie and works in the office of an oil company. Greg, Irene's son, also lives at Grande Prairie and drives a truck servicing the oilrigs. He is not married.

George and his wife, Diane, still live at Bowden.

They both work and are very involved in their community. Their two children have grown up. Pamela plans to be married this summer. At the present time she works III aids. Bradley works on oilrigs and pipeline welding and enjoys life.

Barb, our youngest daughter, IS now Mrs. Victor Fuller. They reside in their home in Innisfail, AB. They have three young children: a boy, Caidan, attending school, playing hockey, etc.; two daughters, Dallas, 3 years, and Camryn, 4 months.

We still live in our own home at 37 - 1st Street NW.

We enjoy keeping the yard and garden looked after and feeding and observing our little friends, the birds. We enjoy neighbors and love to have folks drop in!


After his marriage to Frances Cathers in 1971, Walter moved with the family to Grosse Isle, a small community just northwest of Winnipeg. He was employed with Kodiak Parking Services in Winnipeg as a Service Technician, repairing automatic gates and time recorders. He stayed with that company until his retirement in the fall of 1986.

His hobbies are hunting, fishing, traveling, and restoring antique machinery. Frances continues to work at the Rosewood Lodge Personal Care Facility in Stonewall. She enjoys gardening, traveling, crafts, and having the family all together.

Back row: Brian, Marilyn, Gerry, Wayne, Ross Seated: Frances and Walter

Brian began working for Motor Coach Industries III Winnipeg in September 1971, and is still with that company. In 1974 he married Wendy AmI Garrioch and they lived in Winnipeg and Grosse Isle until their divorce in 1980. On February 25, 1989, Brian married Wendy Irene Bell who had two sons, COIY and Jeff from a previous marriage. Wendy is the Manager of Finance Administration with Manitoba Goverument Services. Brian and Wendy's daugh­ ter, Rebecca Skylar Nylen, was born on August 19, 1991. They reside in the Charleswood area of Winnipeg.

Gerry and Jean continue to live near Stonewall but also have established roots on a farm near Erickson (NE 15-18-18) and a cottage at Ditch Lake - please refer to their own story.

Marilyn married Bruce Hudson on July 9, 1977, and they have two children: Bradley David, born on August 10, 1983, and Malorie Ruth, born on March 29, 1987. Marilyn is employed with Life Touch of Winnipeg whi Ie Bruce IS employed with Sears Canada. They live near Winnipeg.

Wayne Cathers graduated from machine shop train­ ing at Red River Community College III 1982. He IS presently employed at Aero Recip (Canada) Ltd. III Winnipeg. He married Cheryl Marie Buchanan on June 29, 1985. They have two children: Erin Marie, born February 20, 1989 and David Kenneth, born April 16, 1995. They presently reside near Grosse Isle.

Ross graduated from the University of Manitoba

receiving his Bachelor of Education in 1988 and has worked as a teacher in the St. Boniface School Division for his entire career. On July 16, 1994, he married Carissa Estelle