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Emilie and Don

Don and Emilie have five children - Alvilda, Valdyne, Vernon, Myles, and Cora lee. Alvilda married Brian Smith and they have two sons and one daughter and currently reside in Calgary, AB. Valdyne married Glen Hobland and they have two daughters and currently reside in Calgary. Vernon manied Laura Bachyncki and they have one daugh­ ter and currently reside in Regina. Myles married Darlia Duke and they have one daughter, are expecting a second child in November of2000 and currently reside in Regina. Coralee married Ray Frank and they have two sons and currently reside in Regina.

HOLMBERG, ELMER AND FRANCIS Submitted by Deborah Holmberg

In 1947, at the age of 13, Elmer moved to his father's farm where he lived with his Uncle Lloyd and his father, Nils, when he was home from working with Harper's. Elmer continued to go to school in Erickson until the age of sixteen when he left school. After working at a few jobs, he hired on with Harper Construction in 1952. In

1961 Elmer purchased the old Sjogren farm and it was to here that he brought his new bride, Francis Kindret, after their marriage on December 15, 1962. Shortly after their marriage, Francis's mother, Tekla (Tilly) Kindret, who had been ill, returned from the hospital. Tilly soon moved in with Elmer and Francis.

Elmer continued to work with Harper's until 1964, when he returned to the farm to work the land full time. On November 19, 1966 Francis gave birth to their only child, a son, Darren Nils. A few years later, in 1969, Francis left, leaving Darren to be raised by his father, Elmer, and his Gramma, Tilly. Francis and Elmer were later divorced.

Gramrna Tilly continued to raise Darren till her death in 1974. Elmer no longer farms the land himself but contin­ ues to reside in the Hilltop district.

Darren attended school here in Erickson, graduating in 1985. He then moved to Regina, SK where he worked for two years. Darren returned home in 1987 and worked on his father's farm. In 1988 Darren began studying to become a Heavy Duty Mechanic. Work and school took Darren to Dauphin, Brandon, and Winnipeg. On May 9, 1992 he married Deborah Robins, originally of Brandon, and they continued to live in Winnipeg.

It was a very busy time for Darren and Deborah in September of 1994 when, while still living in Winnipeg, Darren started work at a new job with Mid Canada Truck Services of Brandon two days after their first child was born. Darren and Deborah moved to Deborah's parent's cottage at Sandy Lake in November of 1994, and then moved to their current home in Erickson in May of 1995.

Darren has continued to work with the same company, although the business has undergone a name change and is now called Maxim International. Deborah has been kept busy at home with their children: Kelsi Lea born in September 1994; Kerstin Tilly born in March 1996; Karin Danil born in November 1997; and Davin Nils born in October 1999. Darren and Deborah are both active in the Lutheran Church, Darren with the church council and Deborah with the Sunday School and the EL W.


Elaine (Holmlund) Gamer was married August 22, 1975 to G. John Gamer of Fort Frances, ON. Elaine is a Special Needs Coordinator and Family Literacy Coordinator in Blairmore, AB. John works at a lumber manufacturing plant business. They have two children:

Sean Clayton Gamer, born December 7, 1980 and Trevor Olin Gamer, born May 25, 1984.

Heather (Holmlund) Albani was married December 19, 1977, to Thomas W. Albani of Kapuskasing, ON. Heather is a freelance visual artist in Pickering, ON and Tom works as an engineering/developer project manager. They have three children: Bryn Kyle Albani, born April 30,1985; Corbin RyanAlbani, born June 12,1987; Hannah Evangeline Albani, born March 18, 1989.

Jeffrey Bruce Wallace Holmlund was married August 25,1984, to Joyce Penney Woodland of Fort Frances, ON. Jeffrey is a pilot with Canadian Airlines and Penney works as a registered nurse. They live in Canmore, AB. They have two children: Justine Penney Holmlund, born March 19,1988; Katrina Lee, born May 19, 1990.

Shawna Lee Holmlund works as a registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Department in Thunder Bay, ON.