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Marie Morissette who is also a teacher. They have two chil­ dren: Hannah Marie, born April 11, 1996 and Seth James, born July 2, 1998. They presently reside in a south St. Boniface suburb of Winnipeg.


Gerry, Shawna, Jean, and Ryan (1999)

Gerry continues to work for the Province's Land Information Division where he is the Manager of the Manitoba Geographical Names Program. Jean is a Secretary with the R. W. (Bobby) Bend Elementary School in Stonewall. They have two children: Ryan Eugene, born December 22, 1979 and Shawna Jean, born November 19, 1981. Ryan is attending the University of Manitoba, taking Computer Science, while Shawna is enrolled in Arts at the University of Winnipeg. They are all active in church, music, curling and various other activities. They spend as much of the summer as they can at Ditch Lake where Gerry enjoys puttering around the cottage and working at the farm.


Lloyd Holgar, born July 18, 1928, never married.

He farmed with his father for many years and continued to operate the home farm when left alone there. His brother, Edwin, lived with him for many years. In 1990, at the age of 62 and due to health reasons, Lloyd was forced to purchase a house and move into Erickson. He continued to live on his own in town till 1997 when his health dete­ riorated further. Lloyd then moved into the Erickson and District Health Center where he currently resides.

HOLMBERG, EDWIN AND RUTH By Edwin, Updated by Deborah Holmberg

As a young man of sixteen Edwin went to Saskatchewan where he worked as a section man on the railroad for a year. He moved on to BC where he worked in lumber camps and then to Idaho and Washington in the USA for three years. On returning to Canada he was employed in the Hammond Cedar Mill in BC until he came back to Manitoba in about 1930. He rented his father's farm and also worked with constrnction crews on Highway #4.

In 1932, he married Ruth Antonsen and they lived on what was known as the Hegstrom place. Their son, Elmer Rae, was born on Febrnary 9, 1933. This proved to be quite an eventful day. There had been a severe winter storm and the roads were blocked. Edwin drove along the rail­ road track to Erickson to get the doctor. On the return trip the cutter broke. Dr. Rutledge picked up his little black bag and walked to his patient. By the time the cutter was repaired and Edwin got home the baby had arrived. The family then moved around to two or three other farms before Edwin moved the Hegstrom house into Erickson. In 1938, Edwin began working for Harper Construction, building and repairing grain elevators.

It was at the house in Erickson that their daughter, Emilie Ruth, was born on September 16, 1939. After the baby's birth, Ruth never regained her strength and she passed away on January 8, 1940. Emilie went and lived with Ruth's sister and brother-in-law, Gudrnn and Bert Gustafson, and was raised as part of the family. Elmer went to live with various relatives but always returned to his father's home in Erickson, whenever Edwin was home for a break from his work with Harper's.

In 1945 Edwin bought the family fann from his father.

His brother, Lloyd, continued to farm it for him while Edwin continued working for Harper's, returning to the farm whenever there was no constrnction work. Edwin retired from Harper's in 1980 after working with the company for forty-two years. He moved back to the farm and continued to work alongside his brother Lloyd.

In 1985, due to deteriorating health, Edwin moved to the Sandy Lake Personal Care Home, where he resided till his death on December 11, 1994 at the age of 89.

Elmer: See Holmberg, Elmer and Francis

Emilie attended school in Erickson until 1955 when she left school to go work as a housekeeper. Emilie contin­ ued to work, first in the Erickson area, then in Brandon, and then in Alexander. It was here that Emilie met Don Cale, whom she married on November 1, 1958. They resided in Brandon until 1961 when the family moved to Regina, SK, where they lived for thirty years. In 1991, Don and Emilie moved to Strathmore, AB where they contin­ ued to make their home.